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[Five Photographs of a Group Outside]

Description: Five photographs from the Carrie Acuff Brasher album of a group outside on cardboard backing. The photographs in the upper-left and lower-right show a large group, one on the edge of a dirt cliff and one of the group beneath a tree taken from above. Both the photograph in the lower-left and the upper-right show a man and a women walking along a dirt road. In the photograph in the corner, the couple can be seen from behind. The last photograph in the middle shows a group, also including the same man and woman, walking along a tree-lined path.
Date: [1910..1911]

[Four Photographs of Group on Riverbank]

Description: Four photographs of young people enjoying their day on a river. The top, left photograph shows three men and a three women sitting on a log by the river. The top, right shows three men and three women sitting in a boat by the edge of the riverbank. The lower, left photograph is of three men and three women standing in a line along the bank talking. The last photograph shows three men and three women sitting near the river.
Date: [1910..1911]

[Photograph of Baptism]

Description: Photograph of a baptism, showing two lines of men and women standing in the middle of a pond with one women about to be dunked by the pastor. On the back of the photograph, Inez Norton is written as well as the following, "The baptism at 6 mi. crossing, [?] San Angelo, July 3, 1910. During Bro. Skaggs and Bro. Baker's meeting at Wall."
Date: 1910

[Photograph of Eula Mae Baxter with ACC Students]

Description: Photograph of Eula Mae Baxter with Abilene Christian College students Florence Hudson and Stella Parker. Note on the back of the photograph reads, "ACC Students 1910-1911, Florence Hudson, Stella Parker, Eula Mae Baxter, Picture donated by: Mrs. R.D. Wright - Tillie Mae Miller 4-16-79 Portales, N.M." It looks like there is an older writing on the back side of the photo as well, "We Three."
Date: [1910..1911]

[Photograph of Lectureship]

Description: Photograph of a large group of men forming the first unofficial lectureship at Abilene Christian College. The photograph has been taken from above and the men can be seen looking up toward the camera. Among those identified include: J.S. Banner, George Harvey Sr., Archie B. Baxley, D. Coffman, J.C. White, A.R. Lawrence, Lee Coffman, Sally Nichols, U.G. Wilkinson, A.H. McGarock, Price Billingsley, Steve Powers, James Powers.
Date: 1910

[Photograph of the Joe Baldridge]

Description: Photograph of the interior of Joe Baldridge Grocery Store, showing stacks of cans lining the walls, bins and tubs of dry goods lining the floor, and advertisements hanging from the ceiling. Both employees behind the counter and customers are pictured. Note on the cardboard mat reads, "I worked for him before I was married. His mother is standing beyond me. Joe Baldridge Groc Store."
Date: [1910..1911]

[Photographs of Abilene Christian College Students]

Description: Five photographs of various Abilene Christian College students during the 1910-1911 school year. The top-left, middle, and bottom-right photographs show a young women wearing a graduation cap standing in front of a brick house with a raised porch. In two of the photographs, she has others in the photo with her. The top-right and bottom-left photographs show two different young women leaning against the same tree with a picket fence and houses in the background.
Date: [1910..1911]

[Portrait of Eula Mae Baxter]

Description: Full-body portrait of Eula Mae Baxter from Tuscola wearing a girl’s uniform and a graduation cap with tassel. One of the photocopies has a letter typed on the back of it, "December 9, 1978, 202 S. Avenue J. Portales, NM 88130. Dear Lawrence, Sorry I'm late--always have excuses! Did have to find the picture. I'm glad to send it to you. After I'm gone, no one here will know anything about it. Go Keep it. She would have wanted it that way. The uniforms were navy blue. Sure they were a light-weight wool I think. They cost $15.00. Worn on Sunday, and to town. We didn't go downtown often. They were very pretty. Black shoes and stockings. Wish I could visit with you. We have lots to visit about! Maybe sometime I'll visit my niece down there, Dorothy Lee Calfee. It's hard for me to write. I shake like all old 84 year olds! Ha! Just keep the picture and love it. Anything I can help you with, write me. Wishing you the best, a sister in Christ, Lillie Mae Write."
Date: 1910
Creator: Ward, G. F.

[Six Photographs of Abilene Christian College Students]

Description: Six photographs of students on the Abilene Christian College campus during the 1910-1911 school year. Top row, from left to right: Photograph of a young woman being carried on a wooden board by two men. Photograph of a man and a woman leading against a fence post. Photograph of two women holding hands and smiling at the camera. Bottom row, from left to right: Photograph of baseball player in uniform standing beside a woman in a striped skirt. Photograph of a man in a dark-colored overcoat standing in front of a wooden slatted structure. Photograph of a man and a woman eating ice cream cones.
Date: [1910..1911]