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[Four Photographs of Individuals at Duncan Home]

Description: Four photographs taken at the Duncan Home. The second photograph from the top is of three women and two men sitting around at a dining room table with one of the chairs empty, mostly likely the photographer. The remaining three photographs are all taken outside of individuals standing in a row. Two of the photos are very similar as to the background, as well as probably being taken on the same day. There is a handwritten note on the back of the fourth photograph which reads, "Bro. and Sister Duncan, Jesse Mc., ?? and Bettie - made at the Duncan home - 12/25/47."
Date: 1947

[Photograph of Preacher's House]

Description: Photograph of a preacher's house in Roseville, California. The photo shows a man and woman standing on either side of two young children - a girl and boy - just in front of the steps of a home. Note written on the back of the photograph reads, "Preacher's home Roseville, Calif."
Date: 1947

[Photograph of Sauer "Patio"]

Description: Photograph of Sister Sauer with Brother Trayler under the "patio" of Sauer's trailer house, shown sitting on makeshift structures. Handwritten note on the back of the photograph reads, "Sister Sauer and Bro. Trayler in the 'patio' of Sauer's Trailer House."
Date: 1947

[Photograph of the Moody Home]

Description: Photograph taken from the Moody Home in Sacramento, California. The photograph has a group of individuals gathered directly in front of the home, just behind and right of the front fountain and pond, while another individual is standing to the left of the pond looking into it. A total of six individuals are in the photograph. Handwritten note on the back of the photograph reads, "The Moody home - Sacramento, Calif. Nov. - 27 - '47."
Date: 1947

Power of Little Things

Description: A bed sheet with text and/or artwork used as a visual aid to a preacher's sermon. Upon describing several 'little things' in the Bible and from nature, this sermon chart motivates using metaphors of size. Employing these metaphors, the preacher cites several Biblical examples of the great impact of small or seemingly insignificant actions. One contemporary reference is to the 1947 explosion at Texas City, Texas. The preacher closes the sermon with an invitation to embrace simplicity though the "world stumbles" over it.
Date: [1947..1960]