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[Portrait of E.G. Sewell]

Description: Portrait of E.G. Sewell, visible from the shoulders up, wearing a dark-colored suit and an overcoat. Note on the back of the photograph reads, "B.Z. Cannaway, Resident Artist, East Side Public Square, Franklin, KY."
Date: [1840..1924]
Creator: Cannaway, B. Z.

[Portrait of James W. Harding]

Description: Portrait of James W. Harding, visible from the shoulders up, wearing a dark-colored suit. Note on the back of the photograph reads, "J.C. Elrod, Louisville, KY. Is this Jeff. H??'s Father? Photograph Galleries, 313 Jefferson, below Third Street, ground floor, and 428 Main, below Fourth Street, duplicates can be ordered."
Date: [1840..1919]
Creator: Elrod, J. C.

[Portrait of T.B. Larimore]

Description: Half-body portrait of T.B. Larimore, wearing a dark-colored suit and bow tie. Note on the back of the photograph reads, "C.C. Giers National Art Gallery (middle section missing) Albums and Frames & Card Pictures for Albums constantly on hand. Duplicates of this picture can be had if desired, Negative No._____." Photograph donated by Terry J. Gardner.
Date: [1843..1929]

[Three Photographs of the McQuigg Home]

Description: Three photographs of the McQuigg home and grounds. The top photograph shows Jesse P. Sewell in the McQuigg backyard garden with a crochet mallet in his hands behind his head. The second photograph shows Jesse and Daisy McQuigg in the yard of the McQuigg home in the summer of 1898. The final photograph shows the home of the three McQuigg sisters.
Date: 1898

[Portrait of J.P. Sewell]

Description: Half-body portrait of Jesse P. Sewell, wearing a dark-colored suit and overcoat with a wide, patterned necktie and leather gloves. Note on the back of the photograph reads, "Picture #6, J.P. Sewell at time I left the Bible School - Spring 1898. Began preaching at Bonham, Texas."
Date: Spring 1898
Creator: Thuss

[Photograph of Bible Class at J. P. Sewell House]

Description: Photograph of Bible school students at the home of J. P. and Daisy Sewell, showing the students standing near the opening of a fence. A horse can be seen to the left of the group. Note on the back of the photograph reads, "Picture #7. Home of J.P. Sewell and Daisy McQuigg Sewell, Bonham, Texas. All in the picture are Bible School students during a meeting held by E.G. Sewell and Sam Pitman [?] - 1900. Left to right: Elmo Moore - Bonham, Texas. Sam Pilsman in front of fence with derby. Sallie McQuigg - Bonham. [?] Friend, White [?], Texas. Rocie McQuigg, Bonham. J.P. Sewell, Daisy Sewell, Bonham. Lucy Dodd, Nashville, Tennessee.”
Date: 1900

[Photograph of Daisy Sewell with Bible Class]

Description: Photograph taken at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Sewell in Bonham, Texas, with the Bible school students in the summer of 1900. Note on the back of the photograph reads, "Duplicate, Bible 2". A card in the sleeve has this information: "Mrs. Sewell standing by door. Elizabeth Fisher. Shaffer Arledge. - Adams. Leo Cantrell. Thelma Tillison. 1920?"
Date: Spring 1900

[Photograph of Bible School Men]

Description: Photograph of John J. McQuigg and three other members of an Abilene Christian College Bible study class. A miniature church building can be seen in the background. Note on the back of the photograph reads, "Picture #13, John J. McQuigg and other Bible School boys. 1901 in favorite loafing place of students while on S. Spruce Street."
Date: 1901

[Photograph of Group on a Horse-Drawn Carriage]

Description: Note on the back of the photograph reads, "A group of students of 1898, descending from a tally ho at Belle Mead for a picnic. John Jones lulls lazily on the back seat. Daisy McQuigg stands next is C.W. Dorris crowned with a derby. Annie Gill the beauty looks cozy by at 'Pretty' Williams as he swings down. W[?] Harding, Sister Harding and Clara Benidick stand in the next row with Sam Pitinazer about to [?] his derby as he looks down. Porter Ward is just back of Glora Sullivan. Will Sewell reaches up to assist a young lady. I can't remember the others."
Date: March 12, 1905

[Photograph of Track Team]

Description: Group photograph of the 1919 Abilene Christian College boy's track and field team. Ten young men sit, kneel, and stand in three rows in front of a professional photography landscape. Note on the back of photo states that it was copied from the Prickly Pear.
Date: April 2, 1905