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What Kind of Hearers Are You?

Description: A bed sheet with text and/or artwork used as a visual aid to a preacher's sermon. In this particular sermon chart, using green-lettered descriptors or phrases set off against purple Bible citations, the preacher organizes a series of examples from across the Biblical canon. Beginning with Adam, Cain and the Flood, he proceeds to Jesus' parables with additional examples from the Hebrew Bible (Balaam and Naaman). The right column is shaded in a hortatory tone, moving through numerous examples to an emphatic conclusion. The preacher having stated the facts clearly and citing James 4:17 (To one who knows the right thing to do and does not do it, to him it is sin), asks "Do You Know Your Duty?"
Date: [1900..1960]

What Must I Do To Be Saved

Description: A bed sheet with text and/or artwork used as a visual aid to a preacher's sermon. This particular sermon chart presents the fullness of what among Churches of Christ has been called the "Plan of Salvation." The chart form illustrates well the preacher's method. He cites three texts from the gospels (prior to the Day of Pentecost in Acts 2) in the first portion; in the second and larger portion he quotes a series of examples of conversion all from the book of Acts. His methodology is to discover in these cases of conversion the presence or absence of certain elements, compile them into a chart, and from the aggregate reason to the "Plan of Salvation." The performance of this plan answers the question "What must I do to be saved?" The constituent parts of the plan as outlined in the chart are: (T)eaching or (H)earing; (B)elief; (R)epentance; (C)onfession and (B)aptism followed by (R)emission of sins or (S)alvation. It is unclear how the mathematical chart functions for the preacher.
Date: [1900..1960]

What Think Ye of Christ?

Description: A bed sheet with text and/or artwork used as a visual aid to a preacher's sermon. In this particular sermon chart, the preacher marshals nine types of evidence to build a case for faith in and obedience to Christ. The evidence he uses is first the testimony of a series of Jesus' enemies, followed by that of his friends and himself. Following this are prophecy, miracles, additional friendly testimony and angelic testimony. Approaching the climax the preacher recites divine testimony and even nature itself. You have "all to gain; nothing to lose" as he exhorts his audience. You are either "for him or against him..."
Date: [1900..1960]

Worldliness in the Church

Description: A bed sheet with text and/or artwork used as a visual aid to a preacher's sermon. In this particular sermon chart, which employs a compare/contrast model, the preacher places "Devil, World, Flesh" to one side of a large golden cross and "God, Church, Soul" to the other. Aimed at church members, the sermon reinforces Christian morality by grounding its exhortations in Biblical texts and examples. The questions at the bottom of each column express the sermon's leading thrust.
Date: [1900..1960]
Creator: Villines, Frank (1899-1979)

[Photograph of Daisy Sewell with Bible Class]

Description: Photograph taken at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Sewell in Bonham, Texas, with the Bible school students in the summer of 1900. Note on the back of the photograph reads, "Duplicate, Bible 2". A card in the sleeve has this information: "Mrs. Sewell standing by door. Elizabeth Fisher. Shaffer Arledge. - Adams. Leo Cantrell. Thelma Tillison. 1920?"
Date: Spring 1900

[Photograph of Bible School Men]

Description: Photograph of John J. McQuigg and three other members of an Abilene Christian College Bible study class. A miniature church building can be seen in the background. Note on the back of the photograph reads, "Picture #13, John J. McQuigg and other Bible School boys. 1901 in favorite loafing place of students while on S. Spruce Street."
Date: 1901

Map of North Park Addition to Abilene, Texas [#3]

Description: Plat of a portion of Abilene Texas, showing various numbered lots including blocks that are subdivided to show individual properties with notations about acreage. There is a small sketch in the lower left corner showing the relation of several properties in relation to a creek. Scale ca. 1:6667 (Scale in varas.)
Date: October 1903
Creator: Riney, W. A.

Comperes Subdivision, Lot #3, Block #178, Abilene, Texas

Description: Map of Comperes Subdivision in Abilene, Texas bordered by Pine, and North Eighth streets and divided by Walnut street. Each of the lots is further subdivided into numbered segments showing property divisions. There is a legal notice on the left side of the map certifying its authenticity. Scale : 1:1,200.
Date: July 19, 1904
Creator: Riney, W. A.

[Photograph of Group on a Horse-Drawn Carriage]

Description: Note on the back of the photograph reads, "A group of students of 1898, descending from a tally ho at Belle Mead for a picnic. John Jones lulls lazily on the back seat. Daisy McQuigg stands next is C.W. Dorris crowned with a derby. Annie Gill the beauty looks cozy by at 'Pretty' Williams as he swings down. W[?] Harding, Sister Harding and Clara Benidick stand in the next row with Sam Pitinazer about to [?] his derby as he looks down. Porter Ward is just back of Glora Sullivan. Will Sewell reaches up to assist a young lady. I can't remember the others."
Date: March 12, 1905

[Photograph of Track Team]

Description: Group photograph of the 1919 Abilene Christian College boy's track and field team. Ten young men sit, kneel, and stand in three rows in front of a professional photography landscape. Note on the back of photo states that it was copied from the Prickly Pear.
Date: April 2, 1905

[Photograph of Daisy Hall]

Description: Photograph of Daisy Hall at Abilene Christian University. A recently poured sidewalk from the side entrance to the front of the building can be seen. There is also a black metal bucket in between the 3rd and 4th windows (from the left) on the lower level.
Date: [1906..1919]