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[Map Showing Location of Proposed Paving, with Details #2]

Description: Plat of a portion of Abilene, Texas bordered by North Tenth, Hickory, North Eighth, and Grape streets. Each block is subdivided to show individual properties (some labels are marked out and hand-corrected) as well as notations regarding proposed paving and drainage projects including several spots shaded in red. At the top of the map, there is an inset to the left which is a "Typical Cross-Section of Proposed Alley Pavement" (Scale 1:4) and, to the right, a "List of private property to be acquired for alley purposes." Along the right side of the map, there is a second inset, "Detail of Alley Intersection with Street" (Scale 1:240) with a further note: "Plans and Sections for drainage of Grape Street Swamp. Specifications to be City of Abilene's standard for curb and gutter and for one course concrete." Scale 1:2,400
Date: December 1929
Creator: Hobbs, Oscar Knox