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[Two Photographs of a Man and a Woman]

Description: Two tintypes of a man with a book in his right hand resting on his right knee and of a young woman in a dress with a flower on her chest, sitting in front of a tree. Both are in a different paper frames, contained within a purple paper frame. There is an envelope included which has, "Miss Maggie" written on it, as well as a white piece of paper that has, "Tintype, from Mary Wade Smith Materials" written on it.
Date: unknown

[Postcard of Girls' Home]

Description: Postcard of the Girls' Home in Thorp Springs, Texas, with students on the porch and balcony. There is a green, George Washington 1 cent stamp on the back with, "How is Inez? Everything is O.K. here. I'm working hard and studying too. Tonight is 'College' night and we'll have a ... (the rest is illegible and partially missing)." Addressed to Miss Inez Norton in San Angelo, Texas.
Date: unknown