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[Group Photograph from My Fair Lady, 1977 #3]

Description: Photograph from "My Fair Lady," the 1977 Abilene Christian University Homecoming musical. Several costermongers are on the left looking on as four men at the center stage are talking. Three of the men are standing and one is supporting himself by his hands while someone behind him holds his ankles. A man in a white smock stands at the right of the stage.
Date: [1977-10-13..1977-10-16]
Creator: Jones, Lloyd

[Mike Burnett in Camelot]

Description: Photograph from "Camelot," the 1965 Abilene Christiam College Homecoming musical. The scene is set with a bench at center stage in front of a building. Mike Burnett (Mordred) stands on the bench with his arms extended.
Date: [1965-11-10..1965-11-13]
Creator: Jones, Lloyd