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[Photograph of Childers Classical Institute Alumni]

Description: Photograph of six men and women standing on stage. From left to right: O.M. Reynolds, De Leon; Miss Ada Sikes, Baird, first student to arrive on campus of Childers Classical Institute, 1906; Mrs. L.P. Davidson, Abilene; Charles McLaughlin, Lubbock, first student to register in Childers Classical Institute, 1906; D.M. Cranfill, Abilene; and Mrs. Nora Powers Hendrix, Buffalo Gap.
Date: November 1, 1952

[Newspaper Clipping: Belles of 1918]

Description: Newspaper clipping about the Abilene Christian College students who will be featured in the song "A City Set on a Hill" to be presented at the university's Anniversary Celebration. Includes a photograph of six young ladies all wearing the same polka dot graduation garments, holding their purses up at chest height with both hands.
Date: 1956

[Photograph of Bible Building]

Description: Photograph of thirteen men (Bible Faculty) with shovels lined up and ready to dig for the ground breaking of Bible Building. The men with shovels include: W.R. Smith, Carl Spain, LeMoine Lewis, Frank Pack, Paul Southern, Fred Barton, Paul Rotenberry, R.L. Johnston, J.W. Roberts, Woodrow Wilson, J.D. Thomas, Robert Alexander, and J.P. Lewis.
Date: 1955