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[Sherman Street Church of Christ Bulletin]

Description: Colorado Christian vol. 1 no. 9 dated November 15, 1936. This is the bulletin for the Sherman Street Church of Christ in Denver, Colorado, dedicated to the memory of John D. Evans who was a founder of the Sherman Street Church of Christ. Lists church address, key members, and an inspirational message entitled "Gleaning" by James L. Lovell.
Date: November 15, 1936

[Outline of Painting Notes by Minister Murray]

Description: "Outline in brief of remarks made on the painting for the Adams Oklahoma Church of Christ" by Minister W.R. Murray of Liberal, Kansas (undated). Title on front reads, "Dedication of Adams Okla [Oklahoma] Picture." Notes in outline indicate painting theme of Jordan River. Symbols mentioned in outline include hills, cross of light, Jordan, light, trees, leaves, rocks and stones, birds. Painting possibly no. 124.
Date: [1935..1966]
Creator: Murray, W. R.

[Grey Notebook]

Description: Scrapbook containing photographs, church bulletins, newspaper and magazine clippings, baptistry painting interpretations, etc. related to the various churches and individuals with whom Perry was associated. Special items of note: 1. Typed letter from J. Allman Pitts with church in Blackwell, Oklahoma thanking Perry for the painting. Perry notes, "It is letters like this that causes me to give so much of my time painting." --2. Article from Miami Sunday News Magazine "Seventh Avenue Church of Christ" giving extensive history of that congregation --3. Article on the history of the Church of Christ in Monroe, Louisiana --4. Letter from Otis Gatewood to Don Morris, President of Abilene Christian College, introducing Yvonne Noel and asking for a place for her at the college.
Date: 1935/1966

[Spiritual Interpretation of Painting, Park Hill Church of Christ #2]

Description: Typed draft essay by Perry entitled "Spiritual Interpretation of Picture: Painting, Park Hill Church of Christ" dated October 19, 1937. Early draft of finished copy with revisions and notations by Perry. Uses theme of The Elect Lady. Symbols and images mentioned include Rocky Mountains, Mount Evans, citizenship in heaven, cross, shaft of light, sun, dove-shaped cloud, water, rock, trees.
Date: October 19, 1937
Creator: Perry, Blanche Garrett

[Baptistry Painting for Maury City]

Description: Black and white photograph of baptistry painting done by Perry for a church in Murry City, Tennessee. Scene depicts river, rocks, trees, hills, clouds, sun. Painting is photographed outside against a brick wall with a drainpipe. Inscription on back reads in part, "Native trees, misty hills, Mt. Laurel."
Date: [1935..1966]
Creator: Perry, Myrta Blanche

[Baptistry Painting for Rochester, Texas]

Description: Photograph of baptistry painting done by Perry for the Church of Christ in Rochester, Texas. Scene depicts flowing stream, rocks, large rock in the center of the stream, various types of trees, hills and mountains, clouds, sun. Painting is installed in the church with portion of the baptistry showing.
Date: [1935..1966]
Creator: Perry, Myrta Blanche

[Blanche Perry and Mrs. Pursely Next to Painting]

Description: Photograph of Blanche Perry and Mrs. Pursely standing beside the painting done by Perry and installed in the baptistry at the church in Pampa, Texas. Painting depicts water, rocks, trees, hills, mountains, clouds, shafts of light. Photograph shows arched baptistry framing the painting. Inscription on back of photograph reads in part, "Mrs. Pursely assisted."
Date: [1935..1966]
Creator: Perry, Myrta Blanche

[Baptistry Painting in Corsicana, Texas #3]

Description: Color photograph of baptistry painting by Perry installed in the church in Corsicana, Texas. Photograph shows painting framed by wooden arch of baptistry, part of the pulpit, and microphone. Inscription on back of the photographs reads, "Jordan River. Mt. of Temptation. This Present Temporal and Eternal Life."
Date: [1935..1966]