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[Two Photographs of a Man and a Woman]

Description: Two tintypes of a man with a book in his right hand resting on his right knee and of a young woman in a dress with a flower on her chest, sitting in front of a tree. Both are in a different paper frames, contained within a purple paper frame. There is an envelope included which has, "Miss Maggie" written on it, as well as a white piece of paper that has, "Tintype, from Mary Wade Smith Materials" written on it.
Date: unknown

[Postcard of Girls' Home]

Description: Postcard of the Girls' Home in Thorp Springs, Texas, with students on the porch and balcony. There is a green, George Washington 1 cent stamp on the back with, "How is Inez? Everything is O.K. here. I'm working hard and studying too. Tonight is 'College' night and we'll have a ... (the rest is illegible and partially missing)." Addressed to Miss Inez Norton in San Angelo, Texas.
Date: unknown

[Photograph of Tennis Courts]

Description: Photograph of the tennis courts behind the old AD building with the Gray Cottage in background. There are eight people standing and two people sitting in the photocopy enlargement, and there are twelve people standing and two people sitting in the original.
Date: [1906..1919]