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[Photograph of 1912 Basketball Team]

Description: Photograph of the 1912 Abilene Christian College men's basketball team, with six young men on the bottom two rows wearing sweaters. In the hands of the player in the middle of the bottom row is a basketball that has been painted with the date 1912. The man alone on the top row is swearing a dark-colored suit and necktie. From left to right: (top) Carl Gardner (middle) Milton Cranfill, George Smith, Roy Coons (bottom) [?], Briscoe Honea, Olen Whiteside.
Date: 1912

[Photograph of 1917 Graduates]

Description: Group photograph of the 1917 graduates of the special course for permanent certificate teaching. Written on white folder of photograph, "(From Left) Bottom row: Gene Kelley, Alex Fisher. Top row: Bertha Glass, Girlie Murphey, Ola Hutchison, ? This was Graduating class from special course for permanent certificate teaching 1917."
Date: 1917

[Photograph of Baptism]

Description: Photograph of a baptism, showing two lines of men and women standing in the middle of a pond with one women about to be dunked by the pastor. On the back of the photograph, Inez Norton is written as well as the following, "The baptism at 6 mi. crossing, [?] San Angelo, July 3, 1910. During Bro. Skaggs and Bro. Baker's meeting at Wall."
Date: 1910

[Photograph of Baseball Team]

Description: Group photograph of the Abilene Christian College baseball team, showing ten plays and two coaches on either side. Note on the back of photograph reads, "ACC Baseball. From 1913-1914 Catalogue. Top row: 1. _____. 2. Earl C. Hays. 3. Milton Cranfill. 4. Roy Coons. 5. Jesse P. Sewell. Second Row: 1. Leslie Cranfill. 2. Merle McCasland. 3. Arthur Curry - Teacher. 4. Jim _____. Bottom row: 1. Earl Zellner. 2. Zene Powers. 3. Alva Nichols (Elmer's Brother)."
Date: [1913..1914]

[Photograph of Chemistry Lab]

Description: Photograph of the 1917 chemistry lab at Abilene Christian College, showing students gathered around a work station holding beakers and writing in notebook, with what looks like the instructor standing at the blackboard with a piece of chalk in his hand, about to write.
Date: 1917