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Arlington Community Hospital

Description: Slide of Arlington Community Hospital. Part of the hospital is under construction. Streets and a parking lot with cars are in front of the hospital.
Date: unknown

Arlington Gem and Mineral Show

Description: Photograph of the Arlington Gem and Mineral Show in the armory at Randol Mill. People are gathered around small tables that display gems in a large room. There are signs for A. G. Parser, Inc. and Eckert Mineral Research Inc.
Date: 196?

[Arlington High School Class of 1939]

Description: Photograph of all graduates of Arlington High School Class of 1939. All graduates are named individually. Some names have awards listed next to them. Awards include: Athletics-Ben Love, Valedictorian-Faye Nation, Athletics-Elsie Lowe, Scholarship-Frank Wallace, Superintendent-Ben Everitt, Secretary of Treasury and Popularity-Martha J. Hornaday, Popularity-Forrest Green, Sponsor-Elizabeth Geer, Principal-W. R. Windish, Queen-Lois Herbert, Salutatorian-Mary L. Pemberton, Prettiest-Anna Lou Williams, Best Looking-Roy Post, President-Tom Elder, Vice-President-Maurice Duncan.
Date: 1939
Creator: Arlington High School

Arlington High School Volleyball Team

Description: Photograph of the 1927-1928 Arlington High School girls' volleyball team. Seven girls are standing in the back, with one holding a volleyball. Four are sitting in front, with two holding a banner. They are in front of a brick building with windows.
Date: unknown

Arlington Hotel

Description: Photograph of the Arlington Hotel at the 200 block of S. Main St. The hotel has two levels with a porch and balcony. More information about the hotel is written on the back of the photograph.
Date: unknown

Arlington Memorial

Description: Slide of the Arlington Memorial Hospital in 1958. The hospital has 75 beds. In front of the hospital are trees, a road, a grassy area with a flag pole, and a parking lot.
Date: unknown

Arlington School of Mathematics

Description: Photograph of the Arlington School of Mathematics class of 1894. The students are arranged sitting, kneeling, and standing in front of the school at 200 E. South St. The building has wood siding and windows.
Date: unknown

Arlington Stadium

Description: Slide of the Ranger Stadium in Arlington. The stadium is surrounded by lights and a large parking lot. The score board has an outline of Texas and advertisements. Some cars are parked in the lot.
Date: unknown

Arlington Stadium

Description: Slide of an aerial view of the Ranger Stadium in Arlington under construction. The stadium looks nearly complete, with parking lots, roads, vehicles, and building materials around it.
Date: unknown

Arlington Texas Lodging Guide and Map

Description: Brochure for Arlington lodging and map. The brochure is folded into 8 pages, 9 in. x 4 in. Mentioned in the brochure are Six Flags Over Texas, Wet n' Wild, the Texas Rangers stadium, Fort Worth Stockyards, Southfork Ranch, Wax Museum of the Southwest, an International Wildlife Park, and various hotels, motels, and inns. The front side of the brochure has pictures of some of the attractions and typed information. On the other side is a list of accommodations and a corresponding map.
Date: unknown

Boston Bakery, Arlington, Texas

Description: Photograph of the inside of Boston Bakery in 1915 Arlington. Three workers are standing by counters in the back. There are tables and chairs in the middle of the room. Display cases of baked goods are by the left and right walls. A fan hangs from the ceiling. There are decorative pictures on the walls.
Date: unknown

Carlisle Military School

Description: Hand colored photograph of Carlisle Military School in Arlington. There are several buildings in fenced fields. Smaller buildings on the left are red, and there is one large white one on the right
Date: unknown


Description: Photograph of Cravendale. The scene is of a house surrounded by trees with a pond in front.
Date: June 22, 2006

Dixie Tourist Camp

Description: Cardboard photograph of the entrance of Dixie Tourist Camp. There are signs at the entrance and small buildings among trees inside. There is more information about the camp on the back of the item.
Date: unknown

[Dolphin at Seven Seas]

Description: Slide of a dolphin performing at Seven Seas ocean life park. It is in a pool in front of people on a stage jumping to a pole held high in the air.
Date: 1974

[Dolphins Performing at Seven Seas]

Description: Slide of three dolphins performing at Seven Seas ocean theme park. They are jumping in unison at the command of a worker. He is on a platform with diving boards and ladders.
Date: 1976

Downtown Arlington

Description: Photograph of downtown Arlington in the 1970s. There are buildings, cars, streets, and power lines.
Date: unknown

Downtown Arlington

Description: Photograph of downtown Arlington in the 1970s. There are buildings, cars, streets, power lines, trees, and a water tower in the scene. A bank is under construction.
Date: unknown

Downtown Arlington

Description: Photograph of downtown Abilene in the 1970s featuring the First Baptist Church. There are other buildings, cars, and streets.
Date: unknown

Downtown Arlington

Description: Photograph of downtown Arlington in the 1970s. There are buildings, cars, streets, power lines, and a water tower.
Date: unknown

Downtown Arlington, Mineral Well

Description: Photograph of a gathering in downtown Arlington. There are many horse-drawn wagons carrying bales of cotton in the street. Men are by the wagons, in front of the stores, and sitting on the mineral water fountain. Some of the stores are W. R. Bivins, R. W. McKnight Groceries, Copeland Grocery, Coulter and Sons Drug Store, and Corner Drug Store. Believed to have been taken in 1916.
Date: 1916

Downtown Arlington Ready for Demolition

Description: Photograph of part of downtown Arlington being prepared for a demolition in 1972. It was taken from across an intersection. Among the buildings sectioned off are a pharmacy, Hutton Pianos and Organs, and Walter's Auto Supply. There is a truck by the buildings, and a car is on the road.
Date: 1972
Creator: Hudspeth, Rural

Eastern Star Home Construction

Description: Photograph of the construction of Eastern Star Homes in 1920 in E. Division St. Men are using horse-drawn equipment and a tractor at the site. Other buildings stand on the left.
Date: unknown

Elmo Jones Food Store

Description: Photograph of Elmo Jones Food Store on S. Cooper St. The store has a sign on top with its name and Coca-Cola advertisements. Two men in aprons and a woman are standing outside with a dog. Four racks of products are by the door. There are trees over the store.
Date: unknown