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Downtown Arlington

Description: Postcard of a street in downtown Arlington in 1909. People are gathered in front of stores by the street. Some are in cars, including a Studebaker. J. H. Douglass Grocery store and Coulter and Sons Drug Store are pictured. The postcard is primarily black and white, but has some items spot colored red.
Date: 1909

Electric Light Ice Plant and Waterworks

Description: Postcard of the power plant, water works, and ice plant in Arlington around 1900. There are buildings and power lines along the street. A water tower stands in the middle. There are two horses pulling a wagon and another standing in the street.
Date: 1900~

Historic Downtown Arlington

Description: Postcard of Main Street in Arlington on Trades Day. There are people with cars, horses and wagons gathered in the street. Buildings stand on the left and right including a bank and the Corner Drug Store. There is a note from Belle to Mr. J. M. Anderson on the back.
Date: unknown

Interurban at Lake Erie

Description: Slide of a postcard featuring the Interurban train at Lake Erie in Fort Worth. The train has a banner on the side reading "Lake Erie To-night." Some people are on the train, and others are walking beside it. There are fields and trees in the background. The postcard is stamped April 18, 1908.
Date: unknown

Interurban Station

Description: Postcard of Interurban Station in Arlington around 1900. The Interurban Depot is on the left with people in front of it. A trolley is in the middle with people boarding it. Another building with "Capadura" advertised on the side is on the right.
Date: 1900~

Masonic Home for the Aged, 1921

Description: Postcard of the Masonic Home for the Aged in Arlington in 1921. The front of the postcard features a photograph of the building and garden in front with the sky hand colored blue.
Date: 1921

Mineral Water

Description: Postcard of the mineral water well in downtown Arlington at around 1900. To the left and right of the well are businesses, including a bank, hardware store, and real estate business. There are power lines along the street. A water tower stands behind the buildings on the left.
Date: 1900~

T&P Depot

Description: Postcard of the T&P railroad station at 110 N. Center St. in Arlington. There is a building beside the tracks with some equipment in the area. Power lines are behind the station. Jack D. Caffey's address is on the back of the postcard.
Date: unknown

[Photograph of Chester Morris]

Description: Photograph of Chester Morris standing on a sidewalk and leaning against a tree. Morris is wearing a military uniform and has his hands folded in his lap. Text on back reads, "Chester Morris, Jan 1, 1939, In front of Dr. Davis' house on Abram Street."
Date: January 1, 1939

[Postcard from Grace Schiverea to Lt. Roy E. Johnson, August 1944]

Description: Postcard written to Lieutenant Roy E. Johnson from Grace Schiverea, that says: "Hi, Lt. -- Roy - the navy was never like this!!! It sure is a wonderful life - sleeping, swimming & sunning. - Time is going much too quickly. - will see you, on the 25th. (Note "Air Corp" insignia on the front of card - Ahem!!!) Grace." The front of the postcard contains an illustration of a military airplane flying over an ocean at night. The moon is visible in a cloudy sky above the plane and the Air Corps insignia is in the lower-left corner. Text above the image says "Keep 'em Flying."
Date: August 1944
Creator: Schiverea, Grace

[Postcard of Hannah B. Preston and Two Friends]

Description: Postcard of Hannah B. Preston and two other women walking through a street. The woman on the left is wearing a military uniform and carrying a purse, shoebox and paper bag. The woman in the middle is holding a handbag and is wearing a dark skirt and coat. The woman on the right is holding three packages and is wearing a dark skirt and light colored blouse. A woman in the background is looking over her shoulder at the women in the photograph. Text on back reads "May, 1945 Hannah B. Preston, Ms. De[...], Jolette."
Date: May 1945

[Postcard with Charles Hawkes]

Description: Postcard with a copy of a photograph showing Charles Hawkes in Paris, France with the Eiffel Tower in the background. Hawkes is standing in his military uniform. A handwritten note on the back says "Charles Hawkes, 1944 or 5 - just after the war - my dad in Paris." The postcard is an advertisement for the book "To Talk of Many Things" by George Hawkes, from Charla Hawkes Price for Ebby Halliday Realtors. It also has a note saying "Honor our Veterans this Month, Take one to lunch!" and includes Price's picture and contact information for the realtors.
Date: 2003~