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Arlington Hotel

Description: Photograph of the Arlington Hotel at the 200 block of S. Main St. The hotel has two levels with a porch and balcony. More information about the hotel is written on the back of the photograph.
Date: unknown

Downtown Arlington, Mineral Well

Description: Photograph of a gathering in downtown Arlington. There are many horse-drawn wagons carrying bales of cotton in the street. Men are by the wagons, in front of the stores, and sitting on the mineral water fountain. Some of the stores are W. R. Bivins, R. W. McKnight Groceries, Copeland Grocery, Coulter and Sons Drug Store, and Corner Drug Store. Believed to have been taken in 1916.
Date: 1916

Grocery Store, Arlington, Texas

Description: Photograph of the inside of a grocery store in Abilene in the 1920s. There are five men working in the store. The man in the white hat behind the back counter is Thomas D. Jones. There is more information about him on the back of the photograph. The store has boxes of merchandise stacked on the left and boxes stacked on the right. The front counter has baked goods on display.
Date: 192?

See Seven Seas

Description: Brochure for Seven Seas sea life park. The brochure describes the park's attractions and has art of whales, dolphins, a polar bear, a ship, an elephant seal, a penguin, fish, and people. The back side of the brochure is an artist's map of the park.
Date: 1972

Mineral Waters Stand

Description: Photograph of a stand advertising Crystolax, Nature's Best Mineral Water Crystals. A woman is working behind the stand displaying a jug of mineral water and a stack of Crystolax. There are signs around the stand and potted geraniums below it.
Date: 192?

Elmo Jones Food Store

Description: Photograph of Elmo Jones Food Store on S. Cooper St. The store has a sign on top with its name and Coca-Cola advertisements. Two men in aprons and a woman are standing outside with a dog. Four racks of products are by the door. There are trees over the store.
Date: unknown

Interurban at Lake Erie

Description: Slide of a postcard featuring the Interurban train at Lake Erie in Fort Worth. The train has a banner on the side reading "Lake Erie To-night." Some people are on the train, and others are walking beside it. There are fields and trees in the background. The postcard is stamped April 18, 1908.
Date: unknown

Program, Texas State Singers Association, 1935

Description: Paper print of a Texas State Singers Association Program. There are ads for Farmers Cafe, M&M Cafe, J. E. Gaither insurance, Cooper Hotel and Cafe, Arlington Coffee Shop, Altman's clothing, H. E. Cannon Nursery and Floral Co., Johnston's Drug Store, Waffle House Cafe, First State Bank, Jim Ditto's Garage, Mrs. Bullock Cafe, Bird's Variety Store, Universal Motor Co., Catons Variety Store, Adkins Brokerage Co., Purvis Survis foods, Arthur T. Bridges Insurance, J. S. Adkins jeweler, Eugene Wright singing lessons, and The Stamps-Baxter Music Company.
Date: unknown

Pep Rally, Mineral Well

Description: Photograph of a group of students at Center and Main St. in Arlington at a pep rally in the 1940s. They are standing in the street and on the mineral well on the right. Many are wearing rolled up jeans, and some have letter jackets. There is a drug store on the left.
Date: 194?

Rice and Eliza Elliott Home

Description: Photograph of the Rice Joseph Alexander Elliott, Sr. and Eliza Maxwell Collins Elliott house at Highway 80 and Fielder Road in 1900. The house has two levels with a corner porch and balcony. There is a fenced field in front of it. Another building with the word "Diamond" painted on the roof is behind the hill in the background. More information about the house is on the back of the photograph.
Date: unknown

T&P Depot

Description: Postcard of the T&P railroad station at 110 N. Center St. in Arlington. There is a building beside the tracks with some equipment in the area. Power lines are behind the station. Jack D. Caffey's address is on the back of the postcard.
Date: unknown

Boston Bakery, Arlington, Texas

Description: Photograph of the inside of Boston Bakery in 1915 Arlington. Three workers are standing by counters in the back. There are tables and chairs in the middle of the room. Display cases of baked goods are by the left and right walls. A fan hangs from the ceiling. There are decorative pictures on the walls.
Date: unknown

Downtown Arlington

Description: Postcard of a street in downtown Arlington in 1909. People are gathered in front of stores by the street. Some are in cars, including a Studebaker. J. H. Douglass Grocery store and Coulter and Sons Drug Store are pictured. The postcard is primarily black and white, but has some items spot colored red.
Date: 1909

Historic Downtown Arlington

Description: Postcard of Main Street in Arlington on Trades Day. There are people with cars, horses and wagons gathered in the street. Buildings stand on the left and right including a bank and the Corner Drug Store. There is a note from Belle to Mr. J. M. Anderson on the back.
Date: unknown

[General Motors] Ground Breaking

Description: Photograph of the groundbreaking of the GM plant in Arlington. James L. Conlon, Edwin C. Klotzburger, Tommy Vandergriff, Amon G. Carter, Sr., and John F. Gordon are standing outside in front of banners wearing suits. Three of the men are holding decorated shovels, and one is holding a microphone.
Date: unknown

Generating Plant

Description: Slide of the G. N. T. T. Co. power plant in Fort Worth. Railroad tracks are in front of the building. A lake, Handley Park, and another building are behind it. Some people are walking on the paths.
Date: unknown