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This is Arlington Brochure

Description: Brochure about Arlington, Texas. It includes information about the town's history, lodging and dining options, civic facilities, education, communications, economy, transportation, parks and camping, industry, and entertainment. The front side of the brochure is green and has art work on the front panel. The back side is tan.
Date: 197?
Creator: Arlington Chamber of Commerce
Item Type: Text

[Arlington High School Class of 1939]

Description: Photograph of all graduates of Arlington High School Class of 1939. All graduates are named individually. Some names have awards listed next to them. Awards include: Athletics-Ben Love, Valedictorian-Faye Nation, Athletics-Elsie Lowe, Scholarship-Frank Wallace, Superintendent-Ben Everitt, Secretary of Treasury and Popularity-Martha J. Hornaday, Popularity-Forrest Green, Sponsor-Elizabeth Geer, Principal-W. R. Windish, Queen-Lois Herbert, Salutatorian-Mary L. Pemberton, Prettiest-Anna Lou Williams, Best Looking-Roy Post, President-Tom Elder, Vice-President-Maurice Duncan.
Date: 1939
Creator: Arlington High School
Item Type: Photograph

[The Colt, January 7, 1943]

Description: Service Men's issue of the Arlington High School's newspaper The Colt, on January 7, 1943. The issue celebrates the Arlington High alumni fighting in World War II.
Date: January 7, 1943
Creator: Arlington High School
Item Type: Newspaper

[Certificate of Proficiency, Frank W. Gardner]

Description: Certificate awarded to Frank W. Gardner. It reads: "Army Air Forces Combat Crew School, Tarrant Field, Texas. Pilot Transition Training. Certificate of Proficiency. This is to certify that Frank W. Gardner, 2nd Lt., A. C. has successfully completed a course of instruction in Pilot Training and Ground Technical Instruction on B-24 D type equipment and is awarded this certificate in testimony thereof." It is signed by Louis R. Hughes, Jr., Lt. Col., A. C., Director of Training, and James S. Stowell, Col., A. C., Commanding Officer.
Date: 1940~/1949~
Creator: Army Air Forces Combat Crew School
Item Type: Text

[Keep 'Em Flying booklet]

Description: Book issued to flying cadets, including information such as officer personnel, student officers, cadet of the class of June 1942, and details of cadet life.
Date: June 1942
Creator: Austin, Garth G.
Item Type: Pamphlet

[Aviation Cadet Club Membership Card]

Description: Membership card to the Aviation Cadet Club belonging to Frank W. Gardner. The front of the card says: "Aviation Cadet Club Official Membership Card. This is to certify that the bearer F. W. Gardner is a member in good standing of the Aviation Cadet Club and is entitled to all privileges and benefits as such. Youngblood Hotel, Enid, Oklahoma. Club Phone ---, Date 7-11-42." The back of the cards reads: "I agree to fulfill my obligations to the Aviation Cadet Club and to abide by its rules and regulations. Unless revoked for any reason, this card entitles the bearer, as an aviation cadet, to membership in the Aviation Cadet Club for a period of one year from date of issue."
Date: July 11, 1942
Creator: Aviation Cadet Club
Item Type: Text

[World War II Memories: August W. Benner]

Description: Autobiographical text describing August W. Benner's experiences during World War II when the 3rd Platoon of Company B, 142 Infantry was captured near Limberg, France.
Date: 1983
Creator: Benner, August W.
Item Type: Text

[Japanese Military Equipment]

Description: Request from Justin L. Bible to release Japanese military equipment as his personal property. It reads: "SUBJECT: Japanese Military Equipment. AC/S A-2, Fifth Air Force, APO 710. 1. Request that the following items of Japanese military equipment now in my possession be cleared by War Department Agents and if released, be declared my personal property. 2. I hereby certify that these articles were secured on the field of battle and not secured on the Japanese mainland by looting. No ammunition or other explosives are included in this list. 1 rifle. 1 bayonet."
Date: October 10, 1945
Creator: Bible, Justin L.
Item Type: Text

[Special Orders Number 253]

Description: Letter containing special orders for Lloyd F. Swaim; Marcus E. Anderson; Dale Powell; Charles W. Lindsey, Jr.; and Claude D. Horan to be transferred to Fort Worth, Texas.
Date: September 11, 1943
Creator: Brocks, S. F.
Item Type: Letter

[Envelope from Corporal Park B. Fielder, 1945]

Description: An envelope from Corporal Park B. Fielder addressed to Reverend and Mrs. C. B. Fielder and sent on June 9, 1945. A stamp in the lower-left corner says "Passed by U.S. Army Examiner 41073."
Date: June 9, 1945
Creator: Fielder, Park B.
Item Type: Text

[Letter from Corporal Park B. Fielder to his family, August 12, 1945]

Description: Letter from Corporal Park B. Fielder to his family, on August 12, 1945, relating his reaction and that of the soldiers in his outfit to the news that Japan has surrendered and the war is over. He is delighted at the thought of coming home and starting a family.
Date: August 12, 1945
Creator: Fielder, Park B.
Item Type: Letter