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Interurban Station

Description: Postcard of Interurban Station in Arlington around 1900. The Interurban Depot is on the left with people in front of it. A trolley is in the middle with people boarding it. Another building with "Capadura" advertised on the side is on the right.
Date: 1900~

Mineral Water

Description: Postcard of the mineral water well in downtown Arlington at around 1900. To the left and right of the well are businesses, including a bank, hardware store, and real estate business. There are power lines along the street. A water tower stands behind the buildings on the left.
Date: 1900~

Downtown Arlington

Description: Postcard of a street in downtown Arlington in 1909. People are gathered in front of stores by the street. Some are in cars, including a Studebaker. J. H. Douglass Grocery store and Coulter and Sons Drug Store are pictured. The postcard is primarily black and white, but has some items spot colored red.
Date: 1909

[Photograph of Soldiers at a Battle]

Description: Photograph of three soldiers on a battle field. Two of the men are standing casually and the third is seated in the grass. All are surrounding a mortar. The man on the left has a radio and the seated man has binoculars. Text on the back reads, "Foster Lee Battle, Lost, Arlington High School 1935."
Date: 1935

[Arlington High School Class of 1939]

Description: Photograph of all graduates of Arlington High School Class of 1939. All graduates are named individually. Some names have awards listed next to them. Awards include: Athletics-Ben Love, Valedictorian-Faye Nation, Athletics-Elsie Lowe, Scholarship-Frank Wallace, Superintendent-Ben Everitt, Secretary of Treasury and Popularity-Martha J. Hornaday, Popularity-Forrest Green, Sponsor-Elizabeth Geer, Principal-W. R. Windish, Queen-Lois Herbert, Salutatorian-Mary L. Pemberton, Prettiest-Anna Lou Williams, Best Looking-Roy Post, President-Tom Elder, Vice-President-Maurice Duncan.
Date: 1939
Creator: Arlington High School

[Photograph of Chester Morris]

Description: Photograph of Chester Morris standing on a sidewalk and leaning against a tree. Morris is wearing a military uniform and has his hands folded in his lap. Text on back reads, "Chester Morris, Jan 1, 1939, In front of Dr. Davis' house on Abram Street."
Date: January 1, 1939

[Application for Special Shoe Stamp]

Description: Application for a special shoe stamp, to be used to buy new shoes. Instructions at the top request: "do not fill in this application unless you will suffer serious hardship if you are unable to obtain an extra shoe ration before a new War Ration Stamp becomes valid. Hardship need not be shown to replace defective shoes."
Date: 1940~/1949~
Creator: United States. Office of Price Administration.

[Certificate of Proficiency, Frank W. Gardner]

Description: Certificate awarded to Frank W. Gardner. It reads: "Army Air Forces Combat Crew School, Tarrant Field, Texas. Pilot Transition Training. Certificate of Proficiency. This is to certify that Frank W. Gardner, 2nd Lt., A. C. has successfully completed a course of instruction in Pilot Training and Ground Technical Instruction on B-24 D type equipment and is awarded this certificate in testimony thereof." It is signed by Louis R. Hughes, Jr., Lt. Col., A. C., Director of Training, and James S. Stowell, Col., A. C., Commanding Officer.
Date: 1940~/1949~
Creator: Army Air Forces Combat Crew School

[Five Soldiers With Skull]

Description: Photograph of five soldiers standing outside. The man in the middle wears a white shirt, and the men on either side of him wear helmets. The man on the far left holds a skull in one hand and a gun in the other. These men are identified as Cole, C. E. Few, Nichols, Clark, and Smith.
Date: 1940~/1949~

[Four Boys Sitting On a Rock]

Description: Photograph of four boys outside arranged around a rock. They are identified as Grub, Richard A. Fanning, Ashcraft, and Ray. The two on the left stand behind the rock, while the third sits on it and the fourth sits in the third boy's lap. Trees are visible behind them.
Date: 1940~/1949~