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[General Motors] Ground Breaking

Description: Photograph of the groundbreaking of the GM plant in Arlington. James L. Conlon, Edwin C. Klotzburger, Tommy Vandergriff, Amon G. Carter, Sr., and John F. Gordon are standing outside in front of banners wearing suits. Three of the men are holding decorated shovels, and one is holding a microphone.
Date: unknown

Generating Plant

Description: Slide of the G. N. T. T. Co. power plant in Fort Worth. Railroad tracks are in front of the building. A lake, Handley Park, and another building are behind it. Some people are walking on the paths.
Date: unknown

Grocery Store, Arlington, Texas

Description: Photograph of the inside of a grocery store in Abilene in the 1920s. There are five men working in the store. The man in the white hat behind the back counter is Thomas D. Jones. There is more information about him on the back of the photograph. The store has boxes of merchandise stacked on the left and boxes stacked on the right. The front counter has baked goods on display.
Date: 192?

[Hawaii Kai Show at Seven Seas]

Description: Slide of the Hawaii Kai show at Seven Seas ocean theme park. Three women are dancing and three men are playing music. The stage is decorated with plants, a thatched building, and mountains. It is surrounded by a pool. One of the women is on a dock platform on the left.
Date: 1976

Historic Downtown Arlington

Description: Postcard of Main Street in Arlington on Trades Day. There are people with cars, horses and wagons gathered in the street. Buildings stand on the left and right including a bank and the Corner Drug Store. There is a note from Belle to Mr. J. M. Anderson on the back.
Date: unknown

Interurban at Lake Erie

Description: Slide of a postcard featuring the Interurban train at Lake Erie in Fort Worth. The train has a banner on the side reading "Lake Erie To-night." Some people are on the train, and others are walking beside it. There are fields and trees in the background. The postcard is stamped April 18, 1908.
Date: unknown

Interurban Station

Description: Postcard of Interurban Station in Arlington around 1900. The Interurban Depot is on the left with people in front of it. A trolley is in the middle with people boarding it. Another building with "Capadura" advertised on the side is on the right.
Date: 1900~

Interurban Tracks

Description: Photograph of the Interurban Tracks in Arlington. The tracks are on Abram Street with cars, power lines, trees, and buildings on the left and right. The Presbyterian Church dome and a water tower are pictured.
Date: unknown