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Downtown Arlington

Description: Postcard of a street in downtown Arlington in 1909. People are gathered in front of stores by the street. Some are in cars, including a Studebaker. J. H. Douglass Grocery store and Coulter and Sons Drug Store are pictured. The postcard is primarily black and white, but has some items spot colored red.
Date: 1909

Downtown Arlington, Mineral Well

Description: Photograph of a gathering in downtown Arlington. There are many horse-drawn wagons carrying bales of cotton in the street. Men are by the wagons, in front of the stores, and sitting on the mineral water fountain. Some of the stores are W. R. Bivins, R. W. McKnight Groceries, Copeland Grocery, Coulter and Sons Drug Store, and Corner Drug Store. Believed to have been taken in 1916.
Date: 1916

Downtown Arlington Ready for Demolition

Description: Photograph of part of downtown Arlington being prepared for a demolition in 1972. It was taken from across an intersection. Among the buildings sectioned off are a pharmacy, Hutton Pianos and Organs, and Walter's Auto Supply. There is a truck by the buildings, and a car is on the road.
Date: 1972
Creator: Hudspeth, Rural

Elmo Jones Food Store

Description: Photograph of Elmo Jones Food Store on S. Cooper St. The store has a sign on top with its name and Coca-Cola advertisements. Two men in aprons and a woman are standing outside with a dog. Four racks of products are by the door. There are trees over the store.
Date: unknown

[File for Discharge Record]

Description: Slip of paper filed for record in Grayson County. It reads: "The State of Texas, county of Grayson. I, J. C. Buchanan, Clerk of the County Court of said County, hereby certify that the foregoing instrument of writing, with it Certificate of Authentication, was filed for record in my office on the 14 day of Dec, 1945 at 3 o'clock P.M. and duly recorded this 19 day of Dec, 1945 in the Discharge Records of said County, in Vol. 8, pages 86. Witness my hand and seal of said Court at Sherman, Texas this 19 day of Dec, 1945. J. C. Buchanan, Clerk County Court, Grayson County, Texas."
Date: December 14, 1945