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[APD officers following tactical response, 1984]
Photograph of Arlington Police officers following tactical response. They are Dwayne Darter, Greg Waldron, and Jim McRobbie. This picture is taken from a doorway.
[Arlington Canine Officer Joe Oakley with Rogue]
Photograph of Arlington Canine Officer Joe Oakley with Rogue, a German Shepard police dog.
[Arlington Police Chaplain Harold Elliott marrying two police officers in a hot air balloon]
Photograph of the 1989 Arlington Daily News picture showing Chaplain Harold Elliott with two police officers in a hot air ballon. Chaplain Elliott married the two officers, Rudi Panke and Carla Benson, in the balloon.
[Arlington Police Chief Roy Ables, portrait]
Photograph of a portrait of Police Chief Roy Ables in a suit and tie sitting at his desk. Behind his chair is a bookcase and above his head is a mounted stuffed fish on the wall. Police Chief Ables served Arlington as Chief of Police for two years from 1983 to 1985.
[Arlington Police Officer Dick Hill, SWAT team training in prone firing position]
Photograph of Officer Dick Hill, a SWAT team sniper, lying in the prone firing position with an M-16 rifle. He is on a grassy lawn with the street, a walkway, and tree trunk behind him.
[Arlington Police Officer Rex Gomillion playing "Taps"]
Photograph of Sgt. Rex Gomillion in Honor Guard uniform standing near a large building playing "Taps" on his trumpet. The event is at the State Peace Officer's Memorial in Austin. A newspaper photographer is standing slightly behind him taking his picture. People are standing behind them at the top of the stairs of the large building.
[Arlington Police Officers Tom LeNoir and Eddie Thompson speaking to Chaplain Harold Elliott]
Photograph of two police cars parked side-by-side with three uniformed men standing between them having a conversation. Officer Tom LeNoir (pointing) and Officer Eddie Thompson are leaning against the car on the left and Chaplain Harold Elliott is facing them and leaning against the car on the right.
[Ott Cribbs Public Safety Building front entrance, 1989]
Photograph of A.B. "Ott" Cribbs Public Safety Center at the corner of Cooper & Division Streets in 1989. The three-story facility is accompanied by a jail with 98-inmate capacity. It cost $8.9 million to construct the 88,000 square foot building. It is also known as the [New] Main Station or North Station.