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[APD officer running speed radar]
Photograph of an Arlington police officer in tan uniform standing in front of his patrol car checking for speeders on Division Street (near the Eastern Star Home). The speed radar monitor sits on the hood of his vehicle.
[APD patch. Unofficial APD patch that later became official patch with gold lettering and gold trim]
Photograph of an unofficial APD patch that later became official. Gold was ordered by mistake. The background is dark blue with gold outlining. "Arlington" is written in gold at the top and "Police" is in gold at the bottom. In the center of the patch Texas is in red with a gold star indicating Arlington and a gold circle indicating the metroplex. There are radio signals in light blue/silver branching from the star. The intent was to order a patch with red trim.
[Arlington Police Officer Homer DeWolfe's motorcycle parked in Safety Town]
Photograph of Police Officer Homer DeWolfe's police motorcycle parked at the Six Flags Mall Safety Town. The motocycle is a Harley Davidson Electra Glide and was nicknamed "Honey Harley." Established in about 1978, Safety Town was a model town on the parking lot of Six Flags Mall where parents could take their children to learn road safety on their bicycles.