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[Ott Cribbs Public Safety Building Open House cartoon, newspaper clipping,1989]

Description: Photograph of a cartoon drawn by Susan Gaylord Buxton for the Ft. Worth Star Telegram encouraging people to come to the Open House of the new Ott Cribbs Public Safety Building. Police Chief Kunkle and Fire Chief Strickland are holding a banner stating the date and time of the event. Balloons with captions tell of various activities and attractions. The name of the cartoon is "The Front Line."
Date: 1989
Creator: Buxton, Susan Gaylord

[APD Communication Center, newspaper clipping 1989]

Description: Photograph of a Fort Worth Star-Telegram newspaper clipping by Brent Winn. It shows a woman sitting at the communication center with another woman standing behind her. The caption beneath the picture reads: "Workers in 911 like Ann Whitley and Donna Hughes handle both minor mishaps and life-threatening situations." This photo was taken at the Police Substation, 4000 Little Road, Arlington.
Date: 1989
Creator: Winn, Brent

[Arlington Canine Officer John Shaw with Rogue]

Description: Photograph of Arlington's first Canine Police Officer John Shaw with Rogue, a German Shepard police dog. Officer Shaw is kneeling on the ground with Rogue standing on his hind legs in front of him. Rogue has his front legs on Officer Shaw's arm. The picture is taken from a newspaper article of the Arlington Extra edition of the Fort Worth Star Telegram. In this photograph the caption below the picture says "Man's best friend."
Date: 1981-12-02/1981-12-03

[Image of case with items from shooting of Officer Buddy Evans]

Description: Photograph of case containing items from the shooting of Officer Buddy Evans. There are two frames. The largest frame holds the bullet with a placard describing the events: "Bullet that struck Officer Buddy Evans 2-26-1988. Evans observed a car not moving through the signal light at Abram and Collins Street. When he approached the woman driver, she shot him. She had been waiting for an officer to come by so she could kill him. The bullet lodged in Officer Evans vest, only injuring him." The smaller frame holds a picture of Officer Evans and his name.
Date: February 26, 1988

[Police Training Center freestanding name sign, b&w]

Description: Photograph of a view of the front of the City of Arlington Police Training Center located at 6000 West Pioneer Parkway. The building opened in 1980. The black and white version of the picture was used in the APD Commemorative Book, 1994. The APD operates its own Police Academy out of the Training Center. The first class graduated in June 1990.
Date: [1980, 1994]

[APD Honor Guard members making speech, 1986]

Description: Photograph of three members of the Honor Guard from 1986 (that can be seen). The Honor guard was created in April 1986. One of the officers is making a speech with the other officers standing nearby. All officers are dressed in Honor Guard uniforms. Named officers are Jim Lowery, James Laman, and Charlie Wallace.
Date: 1986

[APD Mounted Patrol police with motorcycle policeman, ca. 1986]

Description: Photograph of two police officers in tan uniform on horseback and a police officer in tan uniform on his Harley Davidson police motorcycle. The caption under the print says "Members of the Police department's mounted patrol unit prepare their horses for duty." Officer Dan Armstrong and Officer Chuck Johnson are mounted on their horses and Officer Don Burke is sitting on his motorcycle "Old Silver".
Date: 1986?

[APD patch. Official officers patch, 1986-2010]

Description: Photograph of the official APD patch, 1986-2010. The patch is outlined in black on a black background with an inner outline of gold. "Police" is written in gold at the top and "Arlington" is in gold at the bottom. In the center of the patch Texas is in red with a large gold star overlaying two green laurel branches that cross at the bottom and form an incomplete open circle.
Date: 1986/2010