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[Matuu Valley, Samoa]

Description: Photograph of five soldiers standing on the steps to a cabin in Matuu Valley, Samoa. They are identified as Dove, Lanier, Jack Vaughan, White, and Jackson.
Date: February 7, 1944
Item Type: Photograph

[Arlington Police Station, 717 W. Main Street building entrance, 1964]

Description: Photograph of the 717 W. Main St. Arlington Police Station. This station opened in 1964, having moved from the 401 W. Main St. location. The APD remained there until it moved into the new main station, the "Ott" Cribbs Public Safety Center in 1989. A vehicle is parked at the entrance of the building with a woman walking in front of it. A United States flag is flying behind the building.
Date: 1964
Item Type: Photograph

[Arlington Police Station, 717 W. Main Street, groundbreaking ceremony, view 2]

Description: Photograph of the ground breaking ceremony for the new police station at 717 W. Main Street on October 10, 1964. Photograph shows Assistant Police Chief Herman Perry, Commissioner J. Ball, Commissioner C. Brown, Commissioner W. Sutton, City Manager A. Rollins, Mayor Tom Vandergriff and Police Chief A.B. "Ott" Cribbs holding the shovel. The Police Department remained in this building until it moved to the new, three-story, Main Station on Division Street.
Date: October 30, 1964
Item Type: Photograph

[APD detectives, 1960s]

Description: Photograph of six Arlington police detectives in an office. All are dressed in suits. One man is sitting at a desk with a typewriter. A large sign on the wall says "Think." Standing L-R: J.D. McGee, LeRoy Carmichael, Bob Parsons (leaning on the filing cabinet) and ?. Sitting L-R: Jack Green (with typewriter) and Tom Lee.
Date: [196?]
Item Type: Photograph

[APD Motorcycle Division, 1980s]

Description: Photograph of six police officers in tan uniforms, motorcycle boots, and helmets standing next to their police motorcycles in front of a residence. They are L-R: James Henicke, Rudi Panke, Dick Hill, Don Burke, Tommy Dingman, and Billy Russell.
Date: [198?]
Item Type: Photograph

[APD patch. Unofficial APD patch that later became official patch with gold lettering and gold trim]

Description: Photograph of an unofficial APD patch that later became official. Gold was ordered by mistake. The background is dark blue with gold outlining. "Arlington" is written in gold at the top and "Police" is in gold at the bottom. In the center of the patch Texas is in red with a gold star indicating Arlington and a gold circle indicating the metroplex. There are radio signals in light blue/silver branching from the star. The intent was to order a patch with red trim.
Date: 1970~
Item Type: Photograph

[APD Tactical team (SWAT team) members]

Description: Photograph of six Arlington Police Officers (in uniform) from the Tactical team (SWAT team) standing together with a United States Flag behind them. They are (L to R) Keith Scullin, Bill Oakman, Johnny Spruiel, Paul Richards, Tommy White, and Paul O'Connor.
Date: [199?]
Item Type: Photograph

[APD training. Firearms training, late 1980s]

Description: Photograph of two police officers being trained in firearms. The instructor, Cpl. Jeff Rogers, stands by a patrol car writing notes on a tablet. The picture was taken on a back road surrounded by trees. The officers are walking toward a target holding their pistols out in front of them. Officers from left are: Mike Lenesio, Jeff Rogers (center) and Angela Reece.
Date: [198u]
Item Type: Photograph

[APD training. Ropes Course training]

Description: Photograph of a tire attached to a rope hanging from a tree in an outdoor location in a wooded area. Officer Sebastien Peron is standing with his hand grasping the rope in order to stop a man from swinging on the tire. Several people are also holding the man to keep him from swinging. The officer looks like he is explaining something to the others. They are wearing tan shorts and blue t-shirts.
Date: [200?]
Item Type: Photograph