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[APD patch. Unofficial APD patch that later became official patch with gold lettering and gold trim]

Description: Photograph of an unofficial APD patch that later became official. Gold was ordered by mistake. The background is dark blue with gold outlining. "Arlington" is written in gold at the top and "Police" is in gold at the bottom. In the center of the patch Texas is in red with a gold star indicating Arlington and a gold circle indicating the metroplex. There are radio signals in light blue/silver branching from the star. The intent was to order a patch with red trim.
Date: 1970~

[APD training. Firearms training, late 1980s]

Description: Photograph of two police officers being trained in firearms. The instructor, Cpl. Jeff Rogers, stands by a patrol car writing notes on a tablet. The picture was taken on a back road surrounded by trees. The officers are walking toward a target holding their pistols out in front of them. Officers from left are: Mike Lenesio, Jeff Rogers (center) and Angela Reece.
Date: 198u

[APD training. Ropes Course training]

Description: Photograph of a tire attached to a rope hanging from a tree in an outdoor location in a wooded area. Officer Sebastien Peron is standing with his hand grasping the rope in order to stop a man from swinging on the tire. Several people are also holding the man to keep him from swinging. The officer looks like he is explaining something to the others. They are wearing tan shorts and blue t-shirts.
Date: [200?]

[Arlington Citizens Police Academy alumni (early 1990s)]

Description: Photograph of the alumni of the Citizens Police Academy (CPA). The photo shows 17 people (12 women and 5 men). In front of the group is a table with a white covering and a red skirt. On the table are a brass punch bowl, two plastic cups with red punch, a styrofoam cup, and a tan cardboard box. The photo was taken inside a room where one wall appears to be folding room divider. The CPA was founded in 1987 and was a group of volunteers who assisted the police department in various ways. They donated tireless hours to police programs and fundraisers. They acted as a bridge of communication and understanding between the officers and Arlington residents.
Date: [199?]

[Arlington City Secretary Barbara Heptig swearing-in hospitalized Austin Barrett]

Description: Photograph of a swearing-in ceremony in a hospital room. City Secretary Barbara Heptig re-swears Austin Barrett who was in the hospital after a motorcycle accident. Officer Barrett's left arm is in a cast and he is raising his right arm repeating the oath. Sam Goodall is in the background wearing a coat. A police officer has to be sworn-in every two years.
Date: [199?]

[Arlington Police Chief A.B. "Ott" Cribbs with VFW members raising a U.S. Flag at the opening of the Main St. Police Station]

Description: Photograph of four members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars standing with Chief Cribbs at a flag raising event for the opening of the Main Police Station at 717 W. Main Street. The men are standing at the front entrance of the building next to the flag pole. One of the VFW men is holding the U.S. Flag. Chief Cribbs is standing beside him with a cigar in his mouth. VFW members are wearing VFW hats. Left to Right: Bob Parsons, unknown, Chief Cribbs, unknown, Jack Green, and Bobby Wiggins.
Date: [196?]

[Arlington Police Officers, 1960s]

Description: Photograph of police officers taken in the early 1960s. Four officers in tan uniform are sitting at a table and two officers in tan uniform are standing behind them. A plain clothes man in a checked shirt is standing with the two officers on the back row. Back row L-R: Clayton Jordon, James Carmichael, Henry Alder. Front row L-R: Gene Fuqua, Bill Taylor, Gerald Baker, and Robert Burke.
Date: [196?]

[Arlington police officers in casual clothes, ca 1980s]

Description: Photograph of a group in an Arlington police training class in casual clothes arranged in two rows. The bottom row has five men sitting in chairs who have been partially identified as Jay Hayek on the far left, Morris Sanders second from the left, and Steve Broadstreet in the middle. The top row has eleven men (one in uniform) and one woman standing behind them. From left to right they have been identified as Rick Eudy in the blue v-neck shirt, Kevin Lewis, and Floyd Adams. The last man on the back row on the far right is Bill Griffith.
Date: 198u

[Arlington Reserve Officers at the Regional Reserve Officers Training Academy, ca. 1970s]

Description: Photograph of a group taken in the late 1970s at the Regional Reserve Officers Training Academy at the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG). The back row is the Reserve Officers from Arlington. It was taken outdoors with a white building covered in ivy in the background. The group is arranged on the sidewalk with the bottom group kneeling off the curb.
Date: [197?]

[East Arlington Police Service Center front entrance]

Description: Photograph of a front entrance view of the East Arlington Police Service Center at 200 New York Ave. The building opened in 1996. This view also includes two patrol cars and a police van. The National, State, and City flags are on a single pole next to the brick sign and are flying at half mast. East Arlington Police Service Center is also referred to as the East Station.
Date: [199?]