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[Arlington police officers in casual clothes, ca 1980s]

Description: Photograph of a group in an Arlington police training class in casual clothes arranged in two rows. The bottom row has five men sitting in chairs who have been partially identified as Jay Hayek on the far left, Morris Sanders second from the left, and Steve Broadstreet in the middle. The top row has eleven men (one in uniform) and one woman standing behind them. From left to right they have been identified as Rick Eudy in the blue v-neck shirt, Kevin Lewis, and Floyd Adams. The last man on the back row on the far right is Bill Griffith.
Date: 198u

[Arlington Police Officer Martha Willbanks, APD's first female officer]

Description: Photograph of Officer Martha Willbanks standing with her arm on the driver's door of an Arlington Police cruiser. This is a close-in photo of Officer Willbanks taken in about 1999 with the background of the building and foliage distorted. Officer Willbanks was Arlington's first female officer (she was called the city's only armed secretary) and her dress uniform hangs in the police museum.
Date: 1999?

[APD detectives, 1960s]

Description: Photograph of six Arlington police detectives in an office. All are dressed in suits. One man is sitting at a desk with a typewriter. A large sign on the wall says "Think." Standing L-R: J.D. McGee, LeRoy Carmichael, Bob Parsons (leaning on the filing cabinet) and ?. Sitting L-R: Jack Green (with typewriter) and Tom Lee.
Date: 196u

[APD retirees with Arlington Police Chief David Kunkle, 1992]

Description: Photograph of APD retirees taken in 1992 at a retirement ceremony. Bottom row L to R: Homer DeWolfe (retired 1987), Jerry McCurry (retired 1992), Bob Easley (served 1956-1982). Top row L to R: Bill Wills (retired 1991), Bobby Wiggins (served 1959-1984), James Long (in uniform) (served 1954-1992), Ed Watson (retired 1989), Chief David Kunkle (in uniform), Boyce Megason (retired 1990).
Date: 1992

[Arlington Police Officer Homer DeWolfe's motorcycle parked in Safety Town]

Description: Photograph of Police Officer Homer DeWolfe's police motorcycle parked at the Six Flags Mall Safety Town. The motocycle is a Harley Davidson Electra Glide and was nicknamed "Honey Harley." Established in about 1978, Safety Town was a model town on the parking lot of Six Flags Mall where parents could take their children to learn road safety on their bicycles.
Date: [1970-198?]

[APD training. Firearms training, late 1980s]

Description: Photograph of two police officers being trained in firearms. The instructor, Cpl. Jeff Rogers, stands by a patrol car writing notes on a tablet. The picture was taken on a back road surrounded by trees. The officers are walking toward a target holding their pistols out in front of them. Officers from left are: Mike Lenesio, Jeff Rogers (center) and Angela Reece.
Date: [198u]

[Image of seven shell casings]

Description: Photograph of a close-up of seven shell casings. The seven shell casings represent a 21 gun salute honoring fallen officers. Three volleys from seven rifles constitute the 21 gun salute. The brass casings are then given to family members. (These shown are from practice rounds).
Date: [20??]