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[Arlington Police Chaplain Harold Elliott's annual New Year's Day Police Breakfast]

Description: Photograph of Arlington policemen and families gathered at a dining table in the home of Chaplain Harold Elliott for the annual New Year's Day Police Breakfast that began in 1984. Chaplain Elliott is standing on the right in a red plaid shirt talking to a young girl. A light colored table cloth covers the table and a large pink flower arrangement sits in the middle.
Date: 1992
Item Type: Photograph

[Arlington Police Chief A.B. "Ott" Cribbs with VFW members raising a U.S. Flag at the opening of the Main St. Police Station]

Description: Photograph of four members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars standing with Chief Cribbs at a flag raising event for the opening of the Main Police Station at 717 W. Main Street. The men are standing at the front entrance of the building next to the flag pole. One of the VFW men is holding the U.S. Flag. Chief Cribbs is standing beside him with a cigar in his mouth. VFW members are wearing VFW hats. Left to Right: Bob Parsons, unknown, Chief Cribbs, unknown, Jack Green, and Bobby Wiggins.
Date: [196?]
Item Type: Photograph

[Arlington Police Chief David Kunkle with Fort Worth Police Chief Tom Windham at a Fort Worth memorial service]

Description: Photograph of several policemen and an unidentified woman sitting in folding chairs at a Fort Worth memorial service. Police Chief David Kunkle is second from left on the front row and beside Chief Kunkle is Fort Worth Police Chief Thomas R. Windham. Most of them are reading a program from the service. Several people appear to be standing behind them in the crowd.
Date: [1998?]
Item Type: Photograph

[Arlington Police Chief Roy Ables, portrait]

Description: Photograph of a portrait of Police Chief Roy Ables in a suit and tie sitting at his desk. Behind his chair is a bookcase and above his head is a mounted stuffed fish on the wall. Police Chief Ables served Arlington as Chief of Police for two years from 1983 to 1985.
Date: 1984?
Item Type: Photograph

[Arlington Police Chief Theron Bowman, portrait, 2000]

Description: Photograph of a portrait of Arlington Police Chief Theron Bowman wearing a Class A uniform with the Millennium Badge and three gold stars on his shirt collar. The three stars signify Chief. Police Chief Bowman has been Chief of Police from March 9, 1999 to present.
Date: 2000
Item Type: Photograph

[Arlington Police Chief Theron Bowman with Assistants and Deputy Chiefs, 2000]

Description: Photograph of Police Chief Theron Bowman (sitting in center) with assistant chiefs sitting on both sides. Larry Boyd is sitting to the left and Tommy Ingram is sitting to the right of Chief Bowman. All the Deputy Chiefs are standing in the back row and are (L to R:) Del Fisher, Jerry Kendrick, Ken Burton, Michael Ikner, Danny Sustaire, and David Pugh.
Date: January 10, 2000
Item Type: Photograph

[Arlington Police Department award ceremony recipients, ca. 1990s]

Description: Photograph of three men (dressed in suit and tie) and two women (one in uniform) standing with Police Chief David Kunkle holding awards that were given to them at an award ceremony. A United States flag is behind Chief Kunkle. Left to right are: Gary Krohn, Debbie Ingram, Police Chief David Kunkle, Angie Franco, David Buchanan, and Joel Stephenson.
Date: [199?]
Item Type: Photograph

[Arlington Police Detective Ann Thompson's drawing of a child]

Description: Photograph of a drawing done by Arlington Police Detective Ann Thompson that depicts a young boy putting on his parent's police hat and shoes. The boy is wearing a stripped shirt, shorts, and one mid thigh sock. He is seated on a flat surface with the police hat on his head and is attempting to tie a shoe on his left foot with his leg folded up and the knee against his chest. The other shoe is on it's side next to the shoe he is tying on and the other sock is lying under his left leg. The drawing appears to have been done in black pencil. The drawing was given to Police Chief Theron Bowman and the image was later used on office birthday cards.
Date: 1991
Item Type: Photograph