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[4-H Camp]
Photograph of large tents in a park surrounded with trees. According to a handwritten note on the back of the photo, it was taken during a 4-H camp.
[4-H Club]
Photograph of a group of young men and boys from 4-H. They stand between a large tent and a row of cars in a large open field. Other tents are visible behind them. Trees are in the background.
[4-H Club Style Show]
Photograph of a girl walking across a stage wearing a dress. A sign hangs below the stage and reads "Tour Topics." A string of flags hangs above the stage and each has the 4-H logo and says "4-H Clubs."
[600 Block of Congress Avenue]
Photograph of businesses along the 600 block of Congress Avenue at Christmas: the Baptist Cervice Center, Zales, Rapp Brothers, Western Union, and McKinnon's. Cars line the streets and holiday lights stretch across the street. Men, including two sailors in discussion, stand on the corner of Congress Ave and West 6th Street.
[12th Air Force Headquarters]
Photograph of the headquarters of the 12th Air Force, a round building at Bergstrom Air Force Base. Cars are parked in the background.
1887 Graduating class of Austin High School
Photograph of the 1887 graduating class of Austin High School. Front row (left to right): Pearl Caswell, Nannie Kelley, Florence Collins, Lucille James. Middle row (left to right): Eliza Mitchell, J. H. Bryant (professor), Minnie Sykes. Back row standing (left to right): unidentified woman, Mila Morris, Janie Maxwell, unidentified woman, Eve Sadler, Gertrude Whitis, Helen Grant, and William Gorden.
1906-7 City Directory of Austin With Street Directory of Residents
This is a general directory for Austin, Texas includes address listings for businesses and individuals as well as advertisements from local businesses. According to the title page, the directory contains "A Classified Business Directory, Complete Revised Directory of Austin, Rural Routes, Directory of the State, County and City Governments, and a Reference Directory of the Churches, Educational Institutions, Associations, Societies and Organizations of the City."
1949 Livestock Show, Travis County
Photograph of young men standing in a row with their calves at the 1949 Travis County Food and Livestock Show at Rosewood Park in Austin, Texas. Two men with sticks appear to be inspecting the cattle. A group of spectators is in the background.
[1986 Reconnaissance Air Meet]
Photograph of the 1986 Reconnaissance Air Meet at the Bergstrom Air Force Base. A crowd is gathered and there are four planes on display.
[The 27th Fighter Escort Wing]
Photograph of the 27th Fighter Escort Wing, identified as Cooper, Gibson, Fritz, and Thatcher.
[27th Korea Plane]
Photograph of a 27th Korea plane during night time.
[67th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing's Maintenance Team]
Photograph of a line of military personnel standing in a line. They are the RAM maintenance team for the 67th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing. Several vans are visible to the right.
T. A. Mayes
Photograph of Thomas A. Mayes, a Travis County Agricultural Agent with the Negro Extension Service.
[Abel Stationers at retail fair]
Photograph of Abel Stationers booth at a retail fair. An employee talks to a customer reclining in a chair. Another employee talks to a man at a typewriter at a desk in the background. The showroom is set up to look like a modern office, with wares on display as they would appear in an office setting. Other booths and customers are visible in the background.
About New York with O. Henry
Article excerpted from a literature magazine providing a description of the places in New York that O. Henry used as settings for many of his short stories. The article is illustrated with photographs.
Account of the Removal of the Remains of Stephen F. Austin from Peach Point Cemetery in Brazoria County, Texas to State Cemetery, Austin, Texas, October 18 to 20, 1910
This book describes the ceremonies and processes involved in moving Austin's remains and includes the relevant formal decisions by the Texas State Legislature.
[Acock Laboratories interior equipment]
Photograph of the interior of the Acock Laboratories in east Austin near East Fifth Street. The machinery is dirty with use, and a fresh bag of Acock Brand product sits on one of the machines on the right.
[Adams Extract display]
Photograph of a D.G. Benjamin Advertising campaign for Adams Extract displayed at a local retailer. A grocer in a white shirt and apron and bow-tie holds up a box of Adams Best, priced fifteen cents. Adams Pure Almond and Pure Lemon extracts retail for twenty-nine cents. Adams Extract is a top-shelf item in the spice aisle above McCormick and Colman's spices and extracts.
[Adams Extract Open House]
Photograph of a line of men, women, and children at the Adams Extract factory open house. Three factory workers stand at the machinery, while most men and women talk to each other in groups or wait for samples behind a rope.
[Adobe House, San Antonio, Texas]
Photograph of two children and a dog in front of a small house. The house is made up of adobe, branches, brush, and planks. Laundry hangs from a line behind the house. Cabinet card format.
Adventures in Neurasthenia
Short story written by O. Henry when he was in residence in Asheville, North Carolina and addresses themes of alcoholism and the author's relationship with his father.
Advertisement for complete O. Henry collection
Advertisment offering 274 O. Henry stories in one volume.
Advertisement for O. Henry Bibliography
Lengthy advertisement for an O. Henry Bibliography.
Advertisement for "O. Henry in Fourteen Volumes"
Advertisement for "O. Henry in Fourteen Voulumes: The Memorial Edition de Luxe."
Advertisement for "O. Henry: The Memorial Edition de Luxe"
Advertisement card for "O. Henry: The Memorial Edition de Luxe," in 14 volumes.
[Advertisement letter for complete O. Henry collection]
Advertising letter offering 274 O. Henry stories in one volume.
Advertising postal card for complete O. Henry collection
Advertisement offering 274 O. Henry stories in one volume.
[An aerial view of Acock Laboratories]
A distant aerial view of Acock Laboratories in East Austin. East Fifth street runs from left to right in the foreground. The Iglehart building is across the railroad tracks in the center. East 7th Street runs left to right in the upper left background is the baseball field [now Zaragoza Park]
[Aerial View of Aerofest]
Aerial view of Aerofest at the Bergstrom Air Force Base. Planes are on display, and people walk on the tarmac.
[Aerial view of Capitol grounds and governor's mansion]
Photograph of an aerial view of the grounds near the state Capitol and governor's mansion.
[Aerial view of courts and seats at Caswell Tennis Center]
Photograph of an aerial view of all six tennis courts, spectator stands, and parking at the Caswell Tennis Center on Shoal Creek at 24th and N. Lamar. Two men's doubles matches are visible in the back two courts. Spectators crowd in the shade under the awning. Residential neighborhoods are visible behind the tennis courts in the background.
[Aerial View of Deep Eddy]
Photograph of an aerial view of Deep Eddy pool and surrounding area. The pool is dried out and the trees are bare indicating winter. There are no visible people or activity near the pool. Deep Eddy began as a natural swimming hole in the Colorado River and was expanded into a man-made swimming pool in 1915 by A.J. Eilers, Sr. Deep Eddy pool is the oldest swimming pool in Texas and is operated and maintained by the City of Austin.
[Aerial View of Governor's Mansion]
Early photograph of the Texas Governor's Mansion front elevation from a high vantage point across the street, showing lot in front of the mansion, grounds. The Carriage House is visible behind trees to the right of the mansion. A wooden fence is visible behind the mansion, but other fences are removed. The mansion was built by Abner Cook in 1855 and was continuously occupied since 1856. The occupant here in 1909 was Governor Thomas Mitchell Campbell. The mansion was declared a Texas historical landmark in 1962 and a national historic landmark in 1970.
Aerial view of Municipal Golf Course
Photograph of An aerial view of Austin Municipal Golf Course, donated to the city in 1936 by the Austin Lion's Club. The club house is visible in the center of the image, with holes surrounding. The municipal Golf Course, constructed originally by the Lions Club in 1928 at 2901 Enfield Road, has served its citizens since 1934 and has long been Austin's most popular course.
[Aerial View of the Bergstrom Air Force Base]
Photograph of an aerial view of the Bergstrom Air Force Base. Planes are parked on the landing strip in rows.
[Aerial View of the Bergstrom Air Force Base]
Photograph of an aerial view of the Bergstrom Air Force Base in Texas. Planes are lined up on the landing strip.
[Aerial View of the Mueller Airport]
Photograph of an aerial view of the Mueller Airport in Texas. Planes are lined up on the landing strip, and cars are parked in the lot in the background.
[An aerial view of the West Winds Motel]
An aerial photograph of the West Winds Motel. There is a 7-Eleven next to the motel. There are also several houses surrounding the area.
[Aerial View of Zilker Park]
Photograph of an aerial view of Zilker Park looking north. Shows the area of Barton Springs with Lady Bird Lake in the background
[Aerial view of Zilker Park looking west]
Aerial photograph of Zilker Springs during development in 1938.
[Affidavit regarding seizure of slaves]
An affidavit—related to a legal dispute between William R. Smith and John W. Cloud ("Smith v. Cloud")—by Sheriff William McMaster regarding his seizure of a female slave named Grace and her three children.
[African-American families]
Photograph of a family of African-Americans standing in front of a log cabin. A young girl stands in the open doorway of the cabin and looks on at the family portrait.
An Afternoon Miracle
Short story set along the Texas/Mexico border.
[Agreement for E.M. Pease’s purchase of slave named Celia]
An agreement for E.M. Pease’s purchase of a slave named Celia.
[Agreement for E.M. Pease’s purchase of slave named Esther]
An agreement for E.M. Pease’s purchase of a slave named Esther.
[Agreement for E.M. Pease’s purchase of slave named Maria from Clinton Terry]
An agreement for E.M. Pease’s purchase of a slave named Maria from Clinton Terry.
[Agreement for E.M. Pease’s purchase of slave named Mary Ann from J.M. Prewitt]
An agreement for E.M. Pease’s purchase of a slave named Mary Ann from J.M. Prewitt.
[Agreement for sale of multiple slaves]
An agreement for the sale of multiple slaves.
[Agreement for sale of slave in Connecticut]
An agreement for the sale of a slave in Connecticut.
[Agreement for sale of slave named Hercules]
An agreement for the sale of a slave named Hercules.