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[Aerial view of Capitol grounds and governor's mansion]
Photograph of an aerial view of the grounds near the state Capitol and governor's mansion.
Barton Springs Pool
View of the pool from the north bank looking west toward the diving board.
Barton Springs Pool
People congregating near the diving board. Others on the grassy hill.
Camp Mabry railroad switch and arsenal
Back reads, "This photograph shows the International & Great Northern Railroad main line. The ralroad switch runs by the arsenal which is shown on the left of the picture. The International & Great Northern Railroad will run a number of tracks in the camp or at any other place to suit the Government."
Community Chest
Group of women and the Mayor on the back of a fire engine. Back of the photo reads, "L-R: Mrs. Alden Davis, Mrs. Jess Walker (Ina). Mayor Tom Miller at right."
Congress Avenue at night
Looking south down Congress Avenue from the west side of 10th St. Congress is paved with bricks with lamp posts along the middle of the street. A moonlight tower can be seen on the northwest corner.
Congress Avenue looking north from 5th Street
Looking north up Congress Avenue towards the Capitol. Automobiles and horses can been seen.
East Avenue
East Avenue below 3rd St. before the street was paved.
[East Avenue unpaved]
East Avenue (now IH-35) from 8th to 10th streets looking north.
East First Street
East First Street looking west. Photo reads, "Austin Paving, L. E. Whitham and Co., Contractors, H. R. F. Helland, Consulting Engineer."
Fulton's Ice Cream Parlor
Two men and a little girl at the bar. A rooster is standing on the stool next to the girl. Fulton's was located at 1608 Lavaca St.
Guadalupe and 38th St.
Guadalupe Street looking south from 38th St. before paving project. Jimmyville Ice Cream on the east side of the street.
Nineteenth Street looking east
Nineteenth Street looking east after street paving. Waller Creek bridge in view. Photo reads, "Asutin Street Paving, Soutwest Bitulithic Co., Contractor, H. R. F. Helland, Consulting Engineer."
Paving of Congress Avenue
Official men and workers on possibly the first completed section of brick paving on Congress.
Sixth Street looking west
Looking west along 6th St. from the top of the Scarborough Building at 6th and Congress Avenue.
South Congress Avenue looking north
View of South Congress Avenue looking north, just south of Academy Dr.
Texas School for the Blind
Group of men in suits and hats lined up in front of campus buildings. For more information:
Texas School for the Deaf drawing
Drawing of the Texas School for the Deaf, referred to in the drawing as the "Deaf and Dumb Institution." It was established as the "Texas Deaf and Dumb Asylum" in 1856 and renamed the "Texas School for the Deaf" in 1949.
[Travis County Courthouse under construction]
Exterior of the Courthouse in the final stage of construction. Sign in foreground details contractors used.
Unpaved Nineteenth Street
Nineteenth Street looking east before street paving. Waller Creek bridge in view. Photo reads, "Asutin Street Paving, Soutwest Bitulithic Co., Contractor, H. R. F. Helland, Consulting Engineer."
[Waller Creek at 6th Street]
Waller Creek looking at the 6th Street bridge from 5th Street.
Waller Creek Bridge at Twelfth Street
Waller Creek bridge at 12th St. looking south. The creek, though running swiftly, is low.