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Advertising postal card for complete O. Henry collection
Advertisement offering 274 O. Henry stories in one volume.
Austin Boy Scout Training Camp in Sattler, Texas
Postcard for Austin Boy Scout Training Camp in Sattler, Texas. A photo collage on the front includes pictures of preparing for tent inspection, the mess line, the ole swimming hole, preparing for evening campfire, the camp signal tower, and looking down the river from camp. There is a postage stamp affixed to the back
[Dinner Bell]
Postcard of a dinner bell in a field. There is a field of trees in the background. The text on the back reads, "How about answering the dinner bell on Pride Ranch". There is a stamp affixed to the back of the postcard and it was mailed July 25, 1938.
O. Henry's cradle
Back of postcard reads: "Cradle in which O. Henry was rocked."
School attended by O. Henry
Postcard with an illustration of a small, one-story building surrounded by a fence with a forest in the background; text beneath the image says, "Little School House Where O. Henry Went to School." Printed text on the back of the postcard reads: "This is the only school that O. Henry (Wm. Sydney Porter) ever attended. He was taught by his Aunt, Miss Lina Porter, and left this school when he was only fifteen."
[Soldier in Camp]
Postcard of a soldier standing in a tent camp. There are other soldiers and an American Flag in the background.
W. C. Porter Drug Store
Back of postcard reads: "Greensboro, N. C. W. C. Porter Drug Store is partially reconstructed in the O. Henry section of Greesboro Historical Museum. Wm. Sidney Porter (better known as O. Henry) was born in Greensboro, and worked in the store as a boy. This is the largest collection of O. Henryana in America."