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1906-7 City Directory of Austin With Street Directory of Residents
This is a general directory for Austin, Texas includes address listings for businesses and individuals as well as advertisements from local businesses. According to the title page, the directory contains "A Classified Business Directory, Complete Revised Directory of Austin, Rural Routes, Directory of the State, County and City Governments, and a Reference Directory of the Churches, Educational Institutions, Associations, Societies and Organizations of the City."
Account of the Removal of the Remains of Stephen F. Austin from Peach Point Cemetery in Brazoria County, Texas to State Cemetery, Austin, Texas, October 18 to 20, 1910
This book describes the ceremonies and processes involved in moving Austin's remains and includes the relevant formal decisions by the Texas State Legislature.
Almanac, 1856.
The almanac includes general information about medicine, statistics, recipes, folk remedies, and meteorology for 1856.
Athol Estes Porter Autograph book
Autograph album belonging to Athol Estes, includes 10-line two stanza poem. First letters of first five lines acrostically spell Athol (first letters of lines) and Estes (last letters of lines). Signed "W.S.P."
Austin street and avenue guide and Travis County rural route directory with logs of the road
"The Street and Avenue Guide consists of two sections. The first section comprises the numbered streets in numerical order. The second section comprises the streets by name in alphabetical order."
Austin, Texas, illustrated : famous capital city of the lone star state
From the title page: Austin Illustrated. A short resume of the history of the Capital of Texas, together with descriptions of its business, homes, churches, schools, climate, and general environments.
Austin's gala season : second annual international rowing regatta to be contested May 15th, 16th, 17th & 18th, at Austin, Texas.
Flyer for the second annual rowing regatta.
The Bar as an Institution of the State
Transcription of the speech Phillips gave which discusses the role of lawyers and their obligations to the people that they serve.
By-laws and house rules of the Country Club, Austin, Texas.
Bylaws of the Country Club of Austin, Texas in 1911.
Cabbages and Kings
This work is O. Henry's first published volume and is considered to be his only novel. The plot is composed of several short stories, which were inspired by the author's six-month stay in Honduras in the late 1890s.
Capitol Directory, Austin, Texas
"Names, street addresses, telephone numbers and department of employment of persons permanently located in the state capitol and the state land office building on February 1, 1921."
The Capitol of our great state, Austin, Texas
A book about Austin, Texas.
Catalogue of The Kelley School, 1910-1911
The catalog for The Kelley School includes information about the institution, calendars, course offerings, a register of students, and photographs.
Charter, by-laws and prospectus of the Austin Trust Co. ... : chartered May 3, 1873
The charter and bylaws of the Austin Trust Company.
Circular of information, 1902-1903
A pamphlet about the Whitis Avenue School in Austin.
The Confederate soldier; and Ten years in South America
A biography by J.M. Polk about his life, and years with Hood's Texas Brigade.
Constitution and by-laws of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas
Constitution and by-laws of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas.
The Daily News-Tribune, Industrial Review Edition: Austin, Capital City of Texas.
This edition gives an overview of the city of Austin including major buildings, businesses, and people as well as general information about the the layout and statistics of the city.
Difficulties of a Mexican revenue officer in Texas
This book discusses the action by the Mexican government to send a revenue officer and small contingent of soldiers into Texas during 1835 to collect taxes from the citizens and the resistance they faced. Includes some letters and notes from the author about later excerpts from newspapers.
Directory of Texas Industries from Official Sources
The directory gives listings of businesses categorized by industry (including elected officials). The directory opens with a "Description of the State of Texas" which is a reprint of the report written by the Commissioner of Agriculture, Statistics and History for the Governor of Texas. The index begins on page 429.
Directory of the City of Austin, 1912-1913
General directory for Austin, Texas includes address listings for businesses and individuals as well as advertisements from local businesses. According to the title page, the directory contains "the Present State, County and City Governments, County Officials of Texas, Giving Date of Organization of Each County as also County Seat; List of Counties, Judicial Districts, District Judges and Clerks, and Time of Holding Courts in all Counties in Texas; Representative, Senatorial, Congressional and Supreme Judicial Districts; Court of Civil Appeals, Court of Cirminal Appeals, U. S. Judicial District and U. S. Circuit Courts, where Returnable; a Complete List of all Postoffices and Money Order Offices in Texas; also an Index of Societies, Associations, Churches, Corporations, Eductional Institutes; Full Name and Address of all Residents, Thier Occupations or Pursuits and a Complete Classified Business Directory, also a Valuable Street Guide and Householder's Directory, numerically arranged.
[Effie Roach Hofer Autograph Album]
Autograph album belonging to Effie Roach Hofer. It includes page a 10-line verse poem entitled "Poetry," with drawing of fiddle and pointing finger and hand, signed "W.S. Porter/Secretary Jolly Brothers."
The Elm Grove Dairy farm
Pamphlet printed by the owner of the dairy when he was trying to sell it. Notes the improvements on the dairy, price per various acreage, buildings, and terms of sale.
Excerpt pages from The Caliph of Baghdad
Excerpt pages from "The Caliph of Baghdad" relevant to J.W. Maxwell’s certifying claim with copy of receipt to PH Hatzfeld’s.
The fiftieth anniversary of the organization of the First Presbyterian Church, Austin, Texas, May 26 and 27th, 1900
A book celebrating the 50th anniversary of the First Presbyterian Church of Austin.
Footprints of Texas history
A book about Texas history.
The Four Million
This work is O. Henry's first collection of short stories, many of which are set in New York City. Stories in this volume include "The Gift of the Magi" and "The Cop and the Anthem."
The Gentle Grafter
This work is a collection of short stories by O. Henry. The stories in this volume were inspired by tales of confidence men that O. Henry had heard while in Columbus, Ohio.
The Gift of the Wise Men
A short story about the secret Christmas gifts that a young married couple with little money buy for each other.
The great dam and water and light system at Austin, Texas
Update from the mayor of Austin about current constructions projects on the water system, dam and electrical utilities.
[Handwritten letter from F.M. Maddox to O. Henry]
F. M. Maddox reply to O. Henry letter of March 18, 1902.
Heart of the West
This work is a collection of short stories by O. Henry, which are set in Texas.
O. Henry Biography
This work is the first biography of O. Henry.
O. Henryana
This work was published posthumously.
O. Henry's Wedding
Original copy of statement by Lawrence K. Smoot, as recorded by Ralph Bickler, a court reporter, and furnished to [Trueman] O‘Quinn, relating the events surrounding the marriage of William Sydney Porter and Athol Estes at the Smoot home one July evening in 1887, with Lawrence as an “unofficial” witness when he was about 12 years of age. The date of the wedding was actually July 1, 1887 as a notice of the marriage appeared the next day in the Austin Daily Statesman.
The Hiding of Black Bill
This work contains a biographical introduction to O. Henry written by Mary Ely; "O. Henry and Me," a brief story about corresponding with O. Henry, by Ethel Patterson; and O. Henry's short story, "The Hiding of Black Bill."
History of Hill City lodge no. 456, A.F. & A.M.: from its constitution on June 19, 1876 to St. John's Day, June 24, 1919
A history of the Hill City Lodge in Austin from its constitution on June 19, 1876 to St. John's Day, June 24, 1919.
History of the First Baptist Church, Austin, Texas
A history of the First Baptist Church of Austin, Texas.
History of the Hornsby-Dunlap Consolidated School (Travis County) With Course of Study 1907-1908
This publication includes a brief history of the school, statements about the aims of the school and endorsements for consolidation, course of study for all grade levels, and the rules and regulations.
Hollow Reinforced-Concrete Structure Replaces Dam at Austin, Texas, Which Failed Fifteen Years Ago
This article gives historical background of the first dam at Austin, Texas and its failure followed by a discussion of the changes that were made when building the new dam, including plans.
In the Bosom of the Comanches: A Thrilling Tale of Savage Indian Life, Massacre and Captivity Truthfully Told by a Surviving Captive
Theodore 'Dot' Babb describes his experiences when he and several others were taken captive in the 1865 by Comanches near present-day Decatur, Texas and what happened after he was released.
The Industrial Advantages of Austin, Texas, or Austin Up To Date
This book gives a brief historical overview of Austin, Texas and discusses the impact of the industries on the city, noting the major business enterprises of the time period. Index follows page 91.
Joint Directory of the Christian Churches of Austin, Texas
List of names and addresses of the members of each church including lists of officers and other church leaders.
Journal of the Fifty-Second Annual Council of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Texas, Held in All Saints' Chapel, Austin, May 8th, 9th and 10th, 1901
This publication includes the reports made by the members of the council, lists of clergy in the diocese, and the minutes of the council meetings.
Journal of the Reconstruction Convention, Which Met at Austin, Texas, Dec. 7, A. D. 1868, Vol. 2
Minutes of the Reconstruction Convention including text of Resolutions and Declarations made during the session. Index begins on page 539.
Journal of the Reconstruction Convention, Which Met at Austin, Texas, June 1, A. D. 1868.
Minutes of the Reconstruction Convention including text of Resolutions and Declarations made during the session. The Reoport of the Attorney-General of Texas and other documents are included in the Appendix, starting on page 947. Index begins on page 995.
Let Me Feel Your Pulse
This work was first published in the Cosmopolitan magazine under the title "Adventures in neurasthenia." It was written by O. Henry when he was in residence in Asheville, North Carolina and addresses themes of alcoholism and the author's relationship with his father.
Letters to Lithopolis
This work is a collection of letters from O. Henry to Mabel Wagnalls.
Life and Adventures of Ben Thompson the Famous Texan.
This book is a biography of Ben Thompson, "Including a detailed and authentic statement of his birth, history and adventures by one who has known him since a child" (from the title page). The original of this item includes an insert from The Steck Company giving a brief overview of the history of the book (number of copies published, prices, etc.).
List of Fugitives From Justice: 1891.-- Part VII
A list of criminals, divided by county, which gives the name, crime, and description of each fugitive. Name index begins on page 27.