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Austin Trade Excursion
Photograph of people gathered at a railroad depot in Bruceville, Texas. A handwritten note on the foot of the image says, "Austin Trade Excursion."
Austin Trade Excursion, Bruceville
Photograph of the Austin Trade Excursion in Bruceville. Uniformed men are seen boarding a train. Others, including women and children, crowd around the train.
[Collapsed building from Waco Tornado]
Photo of a collapsed building resulting from the Waco tornado of 1953. Austin, Texas.
[Debris on street from Waco Tornado]
Photo of debris in street from the Waco tornado, 1953. Austin, Texas.
Destroyed Building, possibly the R.T. Dennis building
Unidentified men stand or sit around and on an unknown building demolished by a tornado in Waco in 1953. This is possibly the R.T. Dennis building, a five-story building that was demolished in the tornado.
[Destroyed buildings after Waco Tornado]
Destroyed buildings in downtown Waco.
[Destroyed buildings after Waco Tornado]
Photograph of partially-demolished buildings along south 5th Street in downtown Waco, Texas after a tornado, looking north. A tall building is still standing at the end of the street (left) and a sign is partially visible for the Roosevelt Hotel on the right side of the image. There are work vehicles in the street.
[Destroyed car in road after Waco tornado]
Crews clean up debris at night.
[People among debris after Waco tornado]
People in uniform in a group among destroyed buildings at night.
[President Truman at Baylor]
Photograph of commencement at Baylor University. President Harry S. Truman at center. Governor Beauford H. Jester on stage.