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[Boys' woodworking class at John T. Allan Junior High School]

Description: Photograph of a boys' woodworking class at the Old Red Campus building of the John T. Allan Junior High School, formerly Stephen F. Austin High School. The room is crowded with work stations, where the boys are engaged in making various projects such as wooden stools and picture frames. The rounded masonry wall has arched windows, covered by translucent roller shades for indirect light. There are frames mounted between the windows displaying various tools and examples of metal work. The exposed wood truss ceiling has several belts and pulleys mounted on it. Examples of finished wooden stools stand on a wooden file case to the left in the photograph. Pictured are: Rufus Watterson, Malcolm Williams, Willie Earnest, Durwell Johnson, Sid Colquitt, Vincent Murray, Windom Burke, Louis Blenderman, Ernest Von Rosenberg, Harry Hafer, Henry Murray, Homer Wedig, ____ Yates, Francis Patton, Henry Paggi, ____ Brady. The teacher is Mr. N. S. Hunsdon. The building was completed in 1900 from the plans of Burt McDonald and James Reily. It was used as Austin High School until 1925, when it became the John T. Allan Junior High School. Classes were held here until 1956, when the school was destroyed by fire. A State of Texas Subject Marker was placed on the site in 1981 by the Texas Historical Commission.
Date: 1925/1930

Governor's Mansion [under snow]

Description: Photograph of the Texas Governor's Mansion front and north elevations. It has a screen porch with steps. The front lawn is covered in snow. The mansion was built by Abner Cook in 1855 and continuously occupied since 1856. The mansion here was occupied by first female Texas governor Miriam A. Ferguson in 1925. The mansion was declared a Texas historical landmark in 1962 and a National historic landmark in 1970.
Date: 1925
Creator: Ellison Photo Co.

[May Day play at Treaty Oak]

Description: Photograph of children playing on and around the Treaty Oak branches on May Day ca. 1925. Three girls sit and stand on the oak's low branches. A fourth girl looks on with a young boy and their caretaker. Everyone is dressed in white. The lawn is littered with children's chairs and various outdoor equipment.
Date: 1925~

[University of Texas Old Main Building, 1925]

Description: Photograph of Old Main Building at UT featuring vine growth on building. A number of students and faculty walk on the sidewalks and lounge on the grass in front of and on the sides of the lawn. Architect F. E. Ruffini of Austin designed this building in the Victorian-Gothic style. The structure was built in three stages: the west wing was completed in 1883 for The University’s first class of 221 students; the central section in 1891; and finally the east wing in 1899. Old Main featured wide corridors, high rotundas, a 2,000 seat grand auditorium, a library, a chapel, 9 spacious lecture halls, 30 classrooms, and even a dressing room for the ladies’ cloaks and bonnets. The Girl's Study Hall was furnished with wicker rocking chairs. In 1932, a mere 35 year after the building was completed, the University announced the raising of Old Main in favor of building a new administration-library building, much to the protests of faculty, students, and residents of Austin.
Date: 1925