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AWPLGA at Muny

Description: Group portrait of golfers from AWPLGA, the Austin Women's Public Links Golf Association, drinking Jax beer. The stand outside under some strands of lights. A small truck is in the foreground.
Date: [1960, 1974]

[Construction of the control tower at Mueller Municipal Airport in Austin, Texas]

Description: Photograph of the aircraft control tower under construction at Mueller Municipal Airport. There is scaffolding around the concrete interior support structure, and board formwork is in place for pouring a flared level near the top of the tower. In front of the tower, the scalloped metal terminal roof is under construction, and there are several wooden construction shacks in foreground.
Date: 1960

[Lobby and registration desk at the Stephen F. Austin Hotel]

Description: Photograph of the front desk and a portion of the lobby at the Stephen F. Austin Hotel, located at 701 Congress Avenue in Austin. The registration area is made of wood, trimmed in a darker wood, and there are rows of key or letter boxes behind the desk. A rack filled with brochures sits on the desk. A large circular chandelier with shaded lamps hangs from the recessed lobby ceiling, just in front of the registration desk. Wooden, upholstered arm chairs sit in front of square columns on either side of the chandelier.
Date: 1960~

[Rosewood playground pageant, August 1960]

Description: Photograph of the Rosewood Playground Pageant at Rosewood Park. In this performance, two actors sit next to each other on folding chairs before a painted cityscape background. The male actor holds his arms apart and looks at the female actress as if he is showing her something. Lights are strung above the actors in the outdoor stage area. Three boys in the foreground watch the play. A woman sits at a piano on the far right.
Date: August 1960

The Zilker Zephyr

Description: Photograph of children and parents riding the Zilker Zephyr miniature train through Zilker Park. Downtown Austin and the Capitol building are visible in the background.
Date: [1960,1980]
Creator: Haddon, E.P.
Location Info: