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[Adam R. Johnson at his desk]

Description: Photograph of Adam R. Johnson, the Director of the Texas Relief Commission, at his desk in his office. A portrait of Franklin Roosevelt is on the desk behind him. Photograph is signed and dated 5/19/1936.
Date: 1936

[Alamo Stone at the Tribune Tower]

Description: Photograph of three men observing the stone of the Alamo at the Chicago Tribune building. All of them are wearing a suits, the first and third being dark, and the middle being light colored. One man reaches out and touches the stone.
Date: August 23, 1933

[Alice Lungkwitz]

Description: Photograph of Alice Lungkwitz, who is only visible from the chest up and wearing a dress with a large bow at the chest.
Date: unknown
Creator: Oliphant, William J.

[American Legion Men In Costume]

Description: Photograph of a group of men from Travis Post 76 dressed in costumes for the American Legion Fool's Parade. The one on the far left is wearing a dress with a colander on his head, the next is wearing a sign that reads, "A Bath in Austin is 99% Chlorine Water". Next to him, a man is wearing a dress and a wig and holding a sign that is partially cutoff reading "Looking for the new hotel." and the final two are wearing suit jackets without pants.
Date: October 30, 1922

[American Legion Parade]

Description: Photograph of a group of individuals wearing various costumes, walking in an American Legion parade through a residential area. One man is in a cart pulled by a mule. There are three signs that read, "Travis Post 76 Austin, Tex.," "Travis Post American Legion," and "Looking for the New Hotel."
Date: October 30, 1922

[Anderson Mill on Cyprus Creek]

Description: Photograph of two men posing on a wall by the Anderson Mill on Cypress Creek. One of them is standing on the wall, and one of them is sitting.
Date: August 9, 1935

[Armistice Day Parade Float]

Description: Photograph of five individuals standing and one individual sitting on a parade float. One of them is barbecuing, three are dressed as soldiers with a gun, one is dressed as a nurse, and one is dressed as if he was injured. The text on the back of the photo reads, "Aug. 12, 1983 Ralph A. Bickler files probably Armistice Day Parade Nov. 11, 1918 (Ralph is not on float. Mrs. R.A.B.".
Date: November 11, 1918

[Austin High School Baseball Team]

Description: Photograph of Austin High School baseball team posing for a team photo. They are organized in four rows. In the middle row, one of the men is wearing a suit.
Date: unknown

[Austin Hix Baseball Team Group Portrait]

Description: Photograph of the Austin Hix Baseball team. Their uniforms say "H-I-X" and it appears someone has written the initials of the players on the print. They are posed are in two rows and are in front of a formal studio painted backdrop with the scene of an interior room.
Date: unknown

[Austin National Bank Employess]

Description: Photograph of the employees of the Austin National Bank posing for a portrait. The men are all dressed professionally. In the top row, from left to right, is Vest E. Lander, Bookkeeper, Sully B. Roberdeau, Receiving Teller, Leon D. Williams, General Bookkeeper, Clark C. Campbell, Bookkeeper, Gerald Boerner, Mail Teller, Morris Hirschfield, Cashier, Ralph A. Bickler, Secretary, Earl E. Simms, Collector, and Miles F. Byrne, Receiving Teller. In the middle row, from left to right, is Wesley, H. Lyons, Bookkeeper, Boyd Wells, Exchange Teller, John H. Whitis, Bookkeeper, and C. M. (Jim) Bartholomew, Assistant Cashier and Paying Teller. In the front row is George W. Mabson, Porter.
Date: January 1913

Austin Star String Band

Description: Photographic collage of the Austin All Star String band with six images of band members. Starting from the top, the first violinist is Charles Sterzing, the cornetist is A. D. Preuss, the violist is Charles W. Ohrndorf, the cellist is Henry Bastian, the clarinetist is Charles Thiele, and the second violinist is Oscar Neumann. Text on the image also notes that the band was formed June 1, 1871 and H. A. Klotz was the teacher.
Date: [1872..1899]
Creator: Hillyer, H. B.

[Bickler Basketball Team]

Description: Photograph of the Bickler Basketball Team, who were champions in 1917. In the top row, from left to right, is Herman Knickerbocker and Morrison Williams. In the bottom row, from left to right, is Howard Rawlins, Aubrey McCutcheon (Captain), and Philip Norton.
Date: unknown

[Bickler Family at a River]

Description: Photograph of the Jacob Bickler family under a tree by a river. One boy in the middle is holding a gun, ready to shoot.
Date: unknown

[Bickler Family Group Portrait]

Description: Photograph of a group of Bickler Family members standing in front of a house. Left to right: back: Harry, Mary, Mazie, Camilla, Katherine; front: Ida, Max, Ralph, George, Ben.
Date: Spring 1948

[Bickler Family Portrait]

Description: Formal studio portrait of seven children in the Bickler Family. Handwritten note on the back reads, "To Mr.s [illegible] Cherry and Children with love from the BIckler, Family, Austin Texas, Dec. 22 92."
Date: 1892
Creator: Zahn, Justus

[Bickler Family Portrait]

Description: Photograph of the Bickler family, possibly at a wedding. They are organized into four rows; the women are wearing dresses, and the men are wearing suits. Names are written in pencil, faintly, on the mount below the image.
Date: unknown
Creator: Nadler, C. P.

[Bickler Family Portrait]

Description: Photograph of the Bickler family posing for a family portrait, outdoors. They are organized in two rows, and everyone pictured is wearing light-colored clothing The elderly woman at center appears to be Martha Bickler.
Date: unknown

[Bickler Family Portrait]

Description: Photograph of the Bickler family with four men and four women. The older lady in the front row, right side is likely Martha Bickler.
Date: 1915~

[Bickler Family Portrait]

Description: Photograph of the Martha and Jacob Bickler and three children sitting for a family portrait.
Date: 1880~

[Bickler Family Portrait at Christmas Dinner]

Description: Photograph of the Bickler family at a Christmas dinner. The men are all wearing suits, and the women are all wearing dresses. There is a Christmas tree in the corner behind them.
Date: unknown

[Bickler Family Women Knitting]

Description: Photograph of six women of the Bickler family sitting on a nench or fence and knitting. The five on the left are looking at their knitting or sewing projects, but the one on the right is looking at the camera. Martha Bickler is possibly fourth from left.
Date: April 29, 1919

[Bickler Family Women Knitting]

Description: Photograph of six women of the Bickler family seated on a bench or fence and knitting. Handwritten note on the back reads "I asked for a smile and see what I got."
Date: April 29, 1919

[Bickler Grave Monument]

Description: Photograph of the Bickler grave monument, a tall obelisk-shaped monument. Smaller gravestones are behind it, and there is a large tree at right with a wooden bench in front of it.
Date: unknown

[Bickler School]

Description: Photograph of the front of the Bickler School in Austin, TX.
Date: unknown
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