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[Bickler Family Women Knitting]

Description: Photograph of six women of the Bickler family sitting on a nench or fence and knitting. The five on the left are looking at their knitting or sewing projects, but the one on the right is looking at the camera. Martha Bickler is possibly fourth from left.
Date: April 29, 1919

[Martha Bickler After Her First Flight]

Description: Photograph of Martha Bickler after her first flight. She is getting off a plane with a man (Ralph Bickler?) standing next to her with a hat. The text on the back reads, "Taken by George Nalle on saturday morning, April 6, 1935, immediately after mama's first plane ride. Here first remark upon observing the hangar when the 'ship' returned to the airport was: "Pshaw, we are already back!" Ralph".
Date: April 6, 1935
Creator: Nalle, George