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Armistice parade down Congress
Crowds on both sides of Congress as the American Legion section of the parade passes.
[Armistice Parade on Congress Avenue]
Looking south down Congress Avenue from 5th Street at military parade on street.
Barton Springs Pool
View of the pool from the west end looking east.
Barton Springs Pool
View of the pool from the south bank looking towards the diving board.
[Capitol Laundry & Cleaning Co.]
Exterior of building with delivery van in driveway. 801 Barton Springs Road.
Community Chest
Group of women and the Mayor on the back of a fire engine. Back of the photo reads, "L-R: Mrs. Alden Davis, Mrs. Jess Walker (Ina). Mayor Tom Miller at right."
Congress Avenue from 5th Street
A busy Congress Avenue looking north from the east side of the 500 block. People line the sidewalks while cars and buses fill the streets.
Congress Avenue looking towards Capitol
Photograph of Congress Avenue looking north from 7th St.
Couple in downtown Austin
A serviceman and a woman looking up at the camera from the sidewalk.
Governor’s Mansion
Front elevation, grounds, gardens, walkway, very lush landscaping.
Governor’s Mansion
Front elevation, north elevation, taken from northeast, Shows grounds and landscaping, screen porch.
[Governor’s Mansion]
Looking west at the entrance of the Governor's Mansion.
Governor’s Mansion Interiors
Archway into room showing part of fireplace, love seat and curtains.
Governor’s Mansion Interiors
Front parlor fireplace, showing wallpaper.
Governor’s Mansion Interiors - The Gold Room
Corner of room showing love seat, curtains and part of fireplace.
[Governor's Mansion with snow]
East facade from street, mansion in snow. Shows walkway from street, with curved stairs and small urns. Porch is screened, carriage house visible in background.
[Hall Level Works]
Four women making levels in a workshop.
Looking north up Congress Avenue
Looking north up Congress Avenue from just north of the bridge. A variety of businesses and cars in view.
[Magnesium Plant]
Two buildings connected by a covered conveyor belt. Future site of the Balcones Research Center, now known as the J. J. Pickle Research Campus.
[Nursing School Graduation]
Group of women in nurses uniforms standing outside Seton Hospital.
[Servicemen arriving in Austin]
Servicemen departing buses and walking south from Bowen Trailways Motor Coaches at 708 Brazos. Moonlight tower visible at corner of 8th and Brazos.
[South Congress Avenue looking north]
Looking north from the about the 1100 block of South Congress. State Capitol is in view.
[South Congress Avenue looking north]
Looking north from the about the 1100 block of South Congress.
Stephen F. Austin Hotel
Looking east from W. 7th at intersection of 7th and Congress. Photo taken after the extension to the Stephen F. Austin Hotel.
Street Railroad Downtown
A crowd of people in downtown Austin. Caption on photo reads, "Loading the Plain Line Street Cars at Sixth and Congress, Austin, Texas, 1:40p.m., February 7, 1940 for their last run. Being replaced by new buses on the left."
[Texas State Capitol]
Looking north at the Capitol building from the roof of a building, possibly the Littlefield building at 6th and Congress. The photo shows the Travis County Courthouse in a state of disrepair at the corner of 11th and Congress.
[V-J-Day Celebration]
Two servicemen dance while a crowd of other servicemen and women watch for V-J Day celebration.
[V-J Day Celebration]
View from above of a crowd at a V-J Day (Victory over Japan) Celebration. August 14, 1945
[V-J Day Celebration]
People in the street celebrating V-J Day (Victory over Japan) on Congress Avenue in front of Krugers, Franklins, Goodfriends, and Synder's.
[V-J Day Celebration]
A man with a microphone and a crowd stand outside the Paramount Theater on Congress Avenue on V-J Day (Victory over Japan).
V-J Day Celebration
Crowd of women, servicemen, and a youth at a V-J Day (Victory over Japan) Celebration.
[V-J Day Celebration]
Group of servicemen and women on Congress Avenue to celebrate V-J (Victory over Japan) Day.