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Athol Estes Porter Autograph book

Description: Autograph album belonging to Athol Estes, includes 10-line two stanza poem. First letters of first five lines acrostically spell Athol (first letters of lines) and Estes (last letters of lines). Signed "W.S.P."
Date: September 25, 1885
Creator: Henry, O., 1862-1910
Item Type: Book

Born and Raised in No'th Ca'llina

Description: This article is the first part of Arthur W. Page's biography of O. Henry, "Little Pictures of O. Henry." It addresses O. Henry's early life and is illustrated with photographs and sketches.
Date: June 1913
Creator: Page, Arthur W. (Arthur Wilson), 1883-1960

Cabbages and Kings

Description: This work is O. Henry's first published volume and is considered to be his only novel. The plot is composed of several short stories, which were inspired by the author's six-month stay in Honduras in the late 1890s.
Date: 1904
Creator: Henry, O., 1862-1910
Item Type: Book

Calendar page

Description: Front page of calendar, found in the room in which O. Henry passed away, with June (month of death) showing.
Date: June 1910
Item Type: Text

The Crucible

Description: A poem entitled "The Crucible" by O. Henry turned into a song by Alexander McFayden.
Date: 1921
Creator: Henry, O., 1862-1910 & McFayden, Alexander

The Crucible

Description: Three-stanza poem by O. Henry. "O. Henry's last poem...One of two poems found in a notebook after his death."
Date: September 1910
Creator: Henry, O., 1862-1910