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[Tax receipt with list of slaves]
A tax receipt for Thomas Graham that lists slaves.
[Funeral receipt]
A receipt for printing and circulating funeral tickets (possibly for the funeral of Anne Marshall Pease, daughter of E.M. & Lucadia Pease).
[Funeral receipt]
A receipt for the "funeral of [E.M. Pease’s] child," Anne Marshall Pease.
[Agreement for sale of multiple slaves]
An agreement for the sale of multiple slaves.
[Tax receipts for E.M. Pease]
Receipts for direct taxes in insurrectionary districts
[Money advanced by E.M. Pease for Freedmen’s Hospital in Brenham, TX]
"Expenditure of the $ 1000.00 currency advanced by EM Pease for the Freedmen['s Hospital] at Brenham[, TX] in the Fall of 1867."
[Post-Civil-War loyalty oath signed by Judge J.B.M. McFarland]
A document in which J.B.M. McFarland, a judge of the first judicial district, swears that he “neither sought nor accepted, nor attempted to exercise the functions of any office whatsoever, under any authority or pretended authority in hostility to the United States”; a handwritten explanation follows.
[Receipts regarding Freedmen’s Hospital in Brenham, TX]
Two receipts from a druggist regarding the Freedmen’s Hospital in Brenham, Texas.
[Tax receipts for E.M. Pease]
Confederate-tax and war-tax receipts.