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1887 Graduating class of Austin High School

Description: Photograph of the 1887 graduating class of Austin High School. Front row (left to right): Pearl Caswell, Nannie Kelley, Florence Collins, Lucille James. Middle row (left to right): Eliza Mitchell, J. H. Bryant (professor), Minnie Sykes. Back row standing (left to right): unidentified woman, Mila Morris, Janie Maxwell, unidentified woman, Eve Sadler, Gertrude Whitis, Helen Grant, and William Gorden.
Date: 1887
Item Type: Photograph

[Allen Hall, Tillotson Institute]

Description: Photograph of a five-story brick building with a mansard roof. A handwritten note on the back of the photograph says, "Allen Hall, Erected 1880-1881, Demolished 1966." Cabinet card format.
Date: [1880..1901]
Creator: Hill, S. B.
Item Type: Photograph

[Anderson High School students]

Description: Photograph of Anderson High School students lined up outside the schoolhouse which is either at Olive and Curve Streets or at Pennsylvania Street (currently Kealing Middle school). This class is composed of mostly female African American students.
Date: [1889, 1920]
Item Type: Photograph

Athol Estes Porter Autograph book

Description: Autograph album belonging to Athol Estes, includes 10-line two stanza poem. First letters of first five lines acrostically spell Athol (first letters of lines) and Estes (last letters of lines). Signed "W.S.P."
Date: September 25, 1885
Creator: Henry, O., 1862-1910
Item Type: Book

Austin Baseball Club

Description: Photograph of members of the Austin Baseball Club. There are eleven men arranged in a diamond formation with there names and position listed.
Date: 1888
Item Type: Photograph

[Austin City Administration, 1881]

Description: Photograph of Austin city administration: Standing L to R: J.W. Howard, Treasurer; C.D. Johns, Attorney; Ben Thompson, City Marshall; E.B. Connell, City Clerk; - Sitting L to R: Fred A. Sterzing, City Assessor; Mayor L.M. Crooker; Dr. R.H.L. Bibb, Physician. The city was incorporated in 1836 when Republic of Texas Vice President Mirabeau B. Lamar proposed that the state capital, then located in Houston, be moved to the area that sat just north of the Colorado River in the township then called Waterloo. Shortly thereafter, the city was renamed in honor of Stephen F. Austin. 1881 was the year that Austin public schools first held classes, and the University of Texas opened its doors shortly afterwards in 1883. Austin continued to expand throughout the 1880s and late 19th century.
Date: 1881
Item Type: Photograph

Beauties of San Antonio River

Description: Photograph of the San Antonio River. The silhouettes of three individuals are visible in the bottom left corner of the image. The other side of the river has buildings behind a wooden fence. The back of the photograph has a printed history of the city of San Antonio.
Date: 1889
Creator: Jacobson, M. E.
Item Type: Photograph

Ben Hur Steamboat

Description: Photograph of the Ben Hur steamboat from the Lake Navigation Company. The decks are full of people and hills are visible in the distance.
Date: [1880, 1910]
Item Type: Photograph

"Big Foot Wallace"

Description: Photograph of "Big Foot" Wallace (William Alexander Anderson Wallace, 1817-1899). The photograph is cabinet card format.
Date: [1880..1899]
Item Type: Photograph

The Burning Capitol

Description: View of the Capitol as it burns looking north from the corner of 11th and Congress.
Date: November 7, 1881
Creator: Hillyer, H. B.
Item Type: Photograph

[Capitol Building Burning]

Description: Photograph of the Capitol building on fire, with smoke emanating from the top floor and roof of the building. Onlookers are gathered in the street; also visible are horse-drawn fire engines.
Date: [1881..1888]
Item Type: Photograph

[Capitol Construction]

Description: Photograph of a close up view of the construction of the Capitol building. A man stands on top of a high wall while a few other men on scaffolding guide a pillar, attached to a crane, into place.
Date: 1886~
Item Type: Photograph

[Capitol Construction]

Description: Photograph of construction of the state capitol building. The main building is mostly complete while construction of the dome is just beginning.
Date: 1887~
Item Type: Photograph

Capitol Dedication

Description: Parade south down Congress Avenue from the Capitol. Caption reads: "Chichasaw Guard from Murpheesburo, Tenn."
Date: 1888-05-14/1888-05-19
Creator: Jordan-Ellison
Item Type: Photograph

Capitol under construction

Description: Photograph of the construction site for the current Capitol building, constructed 1881-1888. View is from the Travis County Courthouse located on 11th Street.
Date: 1881/1888
Item Type: Photograph

[Cathedral of San Fernando, San Antonio, Texas]

Description: Photograph of the Cathedral of San Fernando in San Antonio, Texas. Several shops are visible in the street to its right. A hrose adn carriage is parked in front of one of the shops. The plaza in front of the buildings is muddy. The back of the photograph has a detailed history of the building and its predating missions printed on it. Cabinet card format.
Date: 1889
Creator: Paris, A. E.
Item Type: Photograph
Location Info:

[Century Plant, San Antonio, Texas]

Description: Photograph of a man standing by a century plant. The century plant has a long stalk that stretches several meters into the air, with flowers blooming on the top. The back of the photograph has a printed history of the city of San Antonio. Cabinet card format.
Date: 1889?
Item Type: Photograph

[Cliffs at Marble Falls]

Description: Photograph of a cliff of flat, layered rock, with small trees growing on its side and top. A handwritten note on the back of the photograph says, "Marble Falls, Llano County, Texas 1884, South side up to Honeymoon."
Date: 1884
Item Type: Photograph

Colorado River Near Marble Falls

Description: Photograph of the Colorado River near Marble Falls. The river cuts between two hills, with the photograph being taken from one of them. A note on the back indicates the photo was taken from a bridge at Marble Falls.
Date: 1881
Item Type: Photograph

[Construction of the Capitol Building]

Description: Photograph of the construction of the State Capitol Building, looking at the east side of the building. The base of the building is largely complete and scaffolding is in place to build the dome.
Date: [1885..1888]
Item Type: Photograph