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[40th and Avenue G in Hyde Park ]
Photograph of the site of 40th and Avenue G in Hyde Park, taken before Avenue G was built.
[Austin Baseball Team]
Photograph of a baseball team from Austin, Texas. The photograph is cabinet card format.
Austin High School Mid A. Grade, 1896
Photograph of Austin High School Mid A. Grade class portrait on April 13, 1896. Austin High School opened in 1881. The class consists of 22 young women and five young men seated and standing in front of a school building at 11th Street and Rio Grande Street. There is a broken window behind the woman (Clara Whitteu) on the far left of the group, and a man stands nearly out of frame on the far left. From left to right (first row, seated): Gene Clark, Annie Spence, Mamie Heflybower, Lenora Patterson, Nellie Brown, Haysie Heflybower, Edna Slaughter, Molly Alison, George Decherd; (second row standing and seated): Clara Whitteu, Doree Durfee, LuEmma Raymond, Nan Turner, Kate Mayes, Willie Smith, Gracie Taylor, Laura Hirshfeld, Mary Perry; (last row, seated and standing): Ira Hamilton, Bessie Walsh, Zella Swancoat, Erin Crane, Lula Rose, Scott Key, Ansell Carouth, Will Orr, and Harry Bach.
Austin Primary School
Group portrait of children posed for a portrait outside of a wood framed building. They wear costumes as if dressed for a school play. Many wear tunics with a large, round flower petal collar and a flower on the chest and one boy to the left holds an oversized flower. The building is a basic square design with a large window at the center of each quarter. Note that 200 Nueces and 717 West Ave. are written on the back.
[Austin White Lime Company]
Photograph of the exterior of Austin White Lime Company. There is a man walking in front of the building and there are lime kilns in the background.
Austin's gala season : second annual international rowing regatta to be contested May 15th, 16th, 17th & 18th, at Austin, Texas.
Flyer for the second annual rowing regatta.
[Bar at Scholz Beer Garten]
Photograph of four employees of Scholz Beer Garten standing behind the bar.
[Bickler Family Portrait]
Formal studio portrait of seven children in the Bickler Family. Handwritten note on the back reads, "To Mr.s [illegible] Cherry and Children with love from the BIckler, Family, Austin Texas, Dec. 22 92."
Brick laying crew, West Sixth Street, looking West
Photograph of the railroad crew laying bricks around rail lines on West 6th street looking west. Trolly and telegraph wires cross heavily overhead. A large sign on a building behind the crew reads "Phoenix Saloon / Ice Cold Lager Beer / Wines Liquor." A penciled caption in the lower left reads "Some Texas / sunshine."
[Bridge over Barton Creek]
Photograph of a bridge over Barton Creek.
[Bull Creek]
Photograph of a man paddling a canoe in a body of water identified as Bull Creek; the shoreline is covered with trees.
Camp on Sanitarium grounds, Hyde Park
Men in military uniform lined up in front of tents.
[Capitol from Old Main Building (University of Texas)]
View from the top of the Old Main Building (University of Texas) looking south at the Capitol. An unpaved University Avenue is in view.
[Colorado River Bridge]
Photograph of a bridge over the Colorado River, shot from one end of it and looking across its length. A town (possibly Kingsland) is visible on the other side.
Constitution and by-laws of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas
Constitution and by-laws of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas.
[Correspondence to Henry Ladd from S.W. Doom]
A letter to Henry Ladd from attorney D.W. Doom regarding “the case of Elisabet Ney against yourself and Mosle.”
[Correspondence to Julia Maria Pease from W.S. Porter (O. Henry)]
A letter to Julia Maria Pease from W.S. Porter (O. Henry), who asks for funds for a weekly publication.
[Correspondence to Lucadia Pease from W.S. Porter (O. Henry)]
A letter to Lucadia Pease from W.S. Porter (O. Henry), who asks her for a loan.
[Correspondence to Lucadia Pease from W.S. Porter (O. Henry)]
A letter to Lucadia Pease from W.S. Porter (O. Henry), who asks her for a loan with his printing office as collateral.
[Correspondence to Lucadia Pease from W.S. Porter (O. Henry)]
A letter to Lucadia Pease from W.S. Porter (O. Henry), who asks her to carry a note on a property.
East Austin School Children
Photograph of East Austin school children in the lower 4th grade. The names of everyone in the photograph are listed on the back. Miss Mary Johnson is the teacher. The photograph is cabinet card format.
[East track concreted]
Photograph of the concrete team working on the east railroad track on Congress Avenue, looking toward the Capitol. The crews are working hard in the background while horses and carts line up to visit the clothing and shoe shops that line the road. Signs are visible for Carl Mayer Jeweler, Wright & Robinson, Mens Outfitters, Emil Risse art photographer, a commercial college and a laundry. A trolley car is visible in the distance.
Elisabet Ney's Studio
Photograph of an exterior view of Elisabet Ney's Studio. The stone building has a classical style pediment. Two people are visible seated at a table to the side of the building. In 1892, European portrait sculptor Elisabet Ney (1833-1907) purchased property in Austin at 304 East 44th Street, established a studio named Formosa, and resumed her career as a noted sculptor. Ney sculpted and collected portraits of notable Texans and Europeans. Following Ney’s death in 1907, her friends preserved the studio and its contents as the Elisabet Ney Museum and established the Texas Fine Arts Association dedicated to her memory.
[Execution Scene]
Photograph of a defendant at an execution, with a noose set up on a wooden platform. Caption on the back reads "This is a photograph of the defendant and assembled witnesses immediately prior to execution as he addressed a group of thousands assembled in front of jail. --Harry Hubert."
[Exterior of Decker Methodist Church]
Photograph of the front exterior of Decker Methodist Church circa 1892. The church was built in 1879 and was moved in 1901. There is a large group standing in front of the church. Among those present are Reverend August Wallin, S.A. Lundell (grandfather of Mrs. Simon Swahn who was Hilma Johnson) and his brother Gustav Lundell, L.P. Swahn (father of Simon Swahn)and his brother C.J. Swahn, and F.G. Swenson.
[Fire Wagon]
Photograph of a horse-drawn fire wagon stopped in the middle of an un-paved main street in front of a row of storefronts; a sign on the wagon says "Colorado No. 2, A Unit for the Dam, 44 Members - Strong." Other carriages are visible in the background and people are standing in the windows and on the first-floor roofs of the stores. The stores include Gammel's Used Books, J.O.Buaas, Phil Bruckmann Painter and Decorator, and a drug store.
Fort Sam Houston Tower
Photograph of the clock tower at Fort Sam Houston near San Antonio, Texas.
[Four University of Texas at Austin football players in uniform with 1898 ball]
Photograph of four University of Texas football players, three standing and one kneeling on one knee and holding an 1898 football. The photograph is mounted on a cabinet card. The UT student players are wearing uniforms consisting of dark turtleneck sweaters with a large "T" centered on the chest, quilted padded pants, shin guards and leather lace-up ankle boots. The reverse of the photograph notes that the photograph is from the James H. Hart Estate. Hart is standing at the far left in the photograph. James Hart was an end on the 1897 football team, a tackle on the 1898 team and captain on the 1899 team. He led UT to 23-5 mark during his four seasons, including 6-0 record in 1900. Hart also served as secretary of the athletic association, and editor in chief of the 1899 Cactus. He returned to UT football as coach in 1902, leading the Longhorns to a 6-3-1 record, and served 26 years as alumni representative to UT Athletics Council.
Fredericksburg 50th Jubilee
Photograph of the 50th Fredericksburg Jubilee. Men on horseback are lined up at the front. Several men are dressed in Native American clothing.
[Fulmore Elementary School Students]
Photograph of the 3rd and 4th grade classes at Fulmore Elementary School. There are 37 students, including boys and girls, and one female teacher present. Many of the boys seated in the front row are barefoot. A sign reads "South Austin 3rd-4th 1895."
Fulton's Ice Cream Parlor
Two men and a little girl at the bar. A rooster is standing on the stool next to the girl. Fulton's was located at 1608 Lavaca St.
[Governor's Mansion]
Photograph of the Texas Governor's mansion taken from the northeast.
The Governor's Mansion
Photograph of the Texas Governor's mansion taken from the front lawn.
[Governor's Mansion and grounds]
Photograph of the Texas Governor's Mansion showing the east elevation from across the street from the roof of the temporary capitol. The columns and entablature are painted dark shades; the porch is extended; and the trees have matured. The picket fence surrounding the lot steps down for the variation in grade. The mansion was built by Abner Cook in 1855 and was continuously occupied since 1856. The occupant here in 1894 was Governor James Stephen Hogg. The mansion was declared a Texas historical landmark in 1962 and a national historic landmark in 1970.
[Grand Stand at Camp Mabry in Austin, Texas]
Photograph of the Grand Stand at Camp Mabry in Austin in 1897, crowded with people. In the foreground a man in a suit and hat, carrying an umbrella, and a woman wearing a long white dress and hat, stroll toward the Grand Stand. Other people, some wearing military uniforms, are milling about. The wooden structure had raked seating under a long hipped roof, and one large central second story tower with smaller second story towers at each end. The structure, which served as a reviewing stand for troops, was burned by arson in 1902, and the original specifications exist at the Alexandar Architectural Archives at the University of Texas at Austin.
Granite Mountain near Marble Falls, Texas
Photograph of a large, smooth stone hill behind a line of trees. A handwritten note on the back of the photograph reads, "Granite Mountain near Marble Falls, Texas. 1890."
The great dam and water and light system at Austin, Texas
Update from the mayor of Austin about current constructions projects on the water system, dam and electrical utilities.
[Group Portarit at Camp Mabry, Austin]
Photograph of a group of people seated in a grassy area at Camp Mabry. The person on the far left is in a military uniform, holding a rifle. There are three women and one other man. Large tents and other men are visible in the background. The photograph is a cyanotype.
[Group Portrait at a Picnic]
Photograph of the Haschke and Brown families on picnic in a lightly wooded area. The names of the people in this photograph are listed on the back. The photograph is a cyanotype.
[Group Portrait of Four Young Women]
Photograph of four young women. Their names are handwritten on the back of the photograph and are as follows: Alma Harris, Eula Harris, Mayna (Molly) Caldwell, and another Harris whose first name is not listed.
House of Representatives Chamber, Texas Capitol Building
View of the House of Representatives chamber in the Texas State Capitol Building. Rows of wooden chairs face the front and two painted portraits hang on the walls.
[Impact at uknown game at Clark Field]
Photograph of low angle shot of an impact at an uknown game at Clark Field. The weather is sunny and cloudless. Even at this close range, it is difficult to determine which players belong to which team. At this time players did not wear helmets or protective padding. Their uniforms consisted of opposing colors and did not contain team names, logos, player names, or numbers. The University of Texas began its football program in 1893 managed by Albert Lefevra, playing two games in the fall and two in the spring. The following year, the team hired its first official head coach, R.D. Wentworth.
The Industrial Advantages of Austin, Texas, or Austin Up To Date
This book gives a brief historical overview of Austin, Texas and discusses the impact of the industries on the city, noting the major business enterprises of the time period. Index follows page 91.
[Interior of St. David's Episcopal Church]
Photograph of the sanctuary of St. David's Episcopal Church. It is decorated with lights and garland for Christmas.
Jack County Courthouse
Photograph of the Jack County courthouse in Jacksboro, Texas. Several horse-drawn wagons with bundles of hay are gathered in the foreground.
[Jacob Bickler Family Outside House]
Photograph of the family of Jacob Bickler standing outside a house (504 West 14th Street) on the front porch. They are all wearing a coat and hat of some sort. The house is a 1-story brick building and has a picket fence.
[Kickoff of unkown game at Clark Field]
Photograph of kickoff of an unknown football game at Clark Field. The weather is sunny and cloudless, and a crowd watches while standing across the field. The University of Texas began its football program in 1893 managed by Albert Lefevra, playing two games in the fall and two in the spring. The following year, the team hired its first official head coach, R.D. Wentworth.
[Land Office Building]
Photograph of the exterior of the Texas General Land Office building (now the Capitol Visitor's Center).
[Langtry, Texas Railroad Depot]
Photograph of the Railroad Depot at Langtry, Texas. It's a small building by the train tracks. A handwritten note on the back of the photograph says, "During the time of Judge Roy Bean's Law West of the Pecos."
[Lobby of First National Bank, Austin, Texas]
Photograph of the lobby of First National Bank, including the bank teller window behind a grill. William Sydney Porter (O. Henry) is the teller. Another man stands behind the front counter, one is seated in back, and a customer is at the teller window. The man behind the open counter is listed as Brackenridge.