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[Air Force One With Casket of LBJ]
Photograph of Air Force One carrying the casket of President Lyndon B. Johnson. People stand on the tarmac, some at attention.
[Aircrew Class 70-8B in Front of Plane]
Photograph of a group of men, the Aircrew class 70-8B, standing in front of a plane.
[Alfonso Ramos Band plays for a wedding reception at the San Jose Community Center]
Photograph of the Alfonso Ramos Band playing at the San Jose Community Center in South Austin. The band includes saxophone, drums, bongo drum, trombone, and trumpet. A man in tan suit is singing or talking into the microphone as other band members talk or wait. Five little girls, some wearing white dresses, and two little boys sit on the edge of the stage and watch the dancers. Women, wearing foral bridesmaid dresses, dance with men in suits.
[Andy Anderson with Maintenance Worker]
Photograph of Andy Anderson, the chief of maintenance at the Bergstrom Air Force Base, with a maintenance worker. The worker kneels next to a large tire, and holds its hubcap in one hand.
[Arrival in Italy]
Photograph of a U.S. Air Force pilot climbing out of his plane upon his arrival at the Aviano Air Base in Italy. Five men are lined up at attention on the tarmac.
[Austin Community Garden near airport]
Photograph of Austin Community Garden looking towards the airport. Rows of plants and a string fence separating rows are visible in the foreground. The airport control tower, airplanes and gates are visible behind the chain-link fence in the background.
[Base Entrance]
Photograph of the entrance to the Bergstrom Air Force Base. There is snow on the ground, and a wagon wheel in front of the guard house. One man stands inside the guard house and another guard waves a car through.
[Best in TAC Award Ceremony]
Photograph of Lt. Quinton German receiving the Best in TAC award from Brigadier General George W. McLaughlin.
[Bouquet toss with bridesmaids and female guests at a wedding at the San Jose Community Center in the Montopolis neighborhood]
Photograph of a group of women, some with outstretched ars, waiting to catch the bouquet thrown by the bride at a wedding at the San Jose Community Center in the Montopolis neighborhood. Some women wear long flowered bridesmaid dresses, three women are dressed in white dresses of a similar design, one wedding guest wears a black jacket trimmed with faux fur, and another guest wears a black checked top and red checked pants. Two little boys stand to the right, looking on.
[Boy with Kite]
Photograph of a young boy with a kite. His kite has cartoon eyes, and he wears a striped shirt.
[Boys on Bikes at Town Lake]
Photograph of Auditorium Shores on Town Lake, looking east, with three boys riding bikes on a gravel path. A railroad bridge crosses the river behind them. Crest Inn is visible in the distance.
[Bridesmaid and groomsman at wedding reception at the San Jose Community Center, about to kiss]
Photograph of a Hispanic bridesmaid and groomsman at a wedding at the San Jose Community Center in Montopolis. The couple is seated at a table, apparently about to kiss. The bridesmaid is wearing a flowered dress. The groomsman is wearing a tuxedo with a ruffled shirt and a boutonniere tied with a pink ribbon on his lapel. A woman's hand rests on his right forearm at the left of the photograph. A longneck beer bottle and paper cup sit on the table in front of the couple.
[Bridesmaids, groomsman, and other wedding guests seated at wedding reception at the San Jose Community Center in the Montopolis neighborhood]
Photograph of three bridesmaids wearing flowered dresses and short veils and a groomsman with shoulder-length hair, a moustache, and wearing a black tuxedo with a ruffled shirt, along with other wedding guests seated at wedding reception at the San Jose Community Center in the Montopolis neighborhood of Austin. They sit with other wedding guests around a long, rectangular table. Several disposible paper cups sit on the tablecloth.
[Bridge Over Lily Pond]
Photograph of a wooden foot bridge crossing over a lily pond at botanical gardens.
[Building Family Housing]
Photograph of family housing buildings under construction at the Bergstrom Air Force Base. Cars are visible to the right. The caption on the photo reads "Much progress was shown in the 226 Unit Family Housing Project scheduled for completion in April 1971 at a cost of $4,125,927.00."
[Building T-407]
Photograph of building T-407 at the Bergstrom Air Force Base, before the fire that destroyed it.
[Bulldozer Destroying Building]
Photograph of a bulldozer destroying the old base theater after the new theater was opened in December 1973.
[L.C. Anderson High School closing boycott]
Photograph of students boycotting the closing of L.C. Anderson High School. The school was ordered closed in 1971 by a federal judge as part of desegregation. African-American students and parents sit on sidewalks and cars to protest the closing. The school, located at 900 Thompson Street, was originally named E.H. Anderson, and later renamed L.C. Anderson after one of its longest-serving principals. In 1973, a new, integrated L.C. Anderson High School reopened at its current location at 8403 Mesa Drive.
Cars in Traffic
Photograph of cars stuck in traffic by Brackenridge Hospital, waiting to turn right at a yield sign onto 15th Street.
"Caught by Captain" from Zilker Hillside Theater's "Peter Pan"
Photograph of Zilker Hillside Theater's production of "Peter Pan". The scene depicted shows Captain Hook's capture of Peter Pan, Wendy Darling and her brothers/the lost boys.
[Change of Command]
Photograph of a change of command ceremony for the 67th Wing at Bergstrom Air Force Base, at which Colonel Walter Daniel, center, relinquished command to Colonel George A. Edwards, Jr., right. Major General Gordon Blood is to the left.
Child takes a wild ride at Zilker Playscape
Photograph of a child sliding down a tube slide at Zilker Park. His hands are in the air while his mother leans over to support his exit. She carries a camera in her right hand.
[City Council Swearing-In Ceremony]
Photograph of city council members being sworn into office. The members are standing in a gazebo that is decorated with red, white, and blue banners and American flags.
[Commissioners Watching a Presentation]
Travis County Commissioners Richard Moya and Ann Richards and County Judge Mike Renfro seated together in a meeting room watching a presentation from an unidentified man in the foreground. The man appears to be holding a map or large document. Other spectators are off to the side.
Courthouse from Westgate
Exterior view of the Travis County courthouse from above. The Butler House (now demolished) is visible in the left foreground and some cars are in the parking lot.
[Dan Davidson and Jack Robinson]
Photograph of (left to right): Dan Davidson, Austin City Manager, shaking the hand of Jack Robinson, Director of Austin Parks and Recreation Department (facing) in an office. Architectural plans lean against the wall behind manager Davidson.
[Dedication - Givens Recreation Center]
Photograph of mayor Carole Keeton speaking at a podium at the dedication of Givens Recreation Center. A group of people, including city government officials, are sitting behind her listening to her speak. On the stage is a display honoring Dr. Everett H. Givens.
[Dedication of Bergstrom Control Tower]
Photograph of Colonel George A. Edwards, Jr. cutting the ribbon at the dedication of Bergstrom's control tower. Three men stand beside him holding the ribbon.
[Dedication Plaque - Givens Recreation Center]
Photograph of two people looking at a dedication plaque inside Givens Recreation Center.
[DeLeon children slide at Zilker Park]
Photograph of Jesse DeLeon holding on to a play structure while brother and sister (Michael and Angie) wait behind him, getting ready to go down the slide at Zilker Park.
[Delta Sigma Theta members receive certificate]
Photograph of three women of the African-American sorority Delta Sigma Theta accept a certificate from the Travis County Historical Survey Commission on behalf of the Rosewood Recreation Association.
[Dillman's Farm at Austin Community Gardens]
Photograph of a section of garden at the Austin Community Garden. A wooden sign that says "Dillman's Farm" is in the foreground, indicating the plot as belonging to the Dillmans. Wooden stakes and leafy plants are visible in front of a chain-link fence running along the border of the garden. A hose snakes up into view at the back of the Dillman plot.
[Elazar Tamayo and his wife, Lupe Tamayo]
Photograph of Elazar Tamayo and his wife, Lupe Tamayo, a Hispanic or Latino couple, visible from the waist up, standing in front of a building. Both appear to be in their late 50s or early 60s. He has salt-and-pepper hair and a moustache, and she has dark, wavy chin-length hair. She is wearing a sleeveless, open-collar cotton shirt, and he is wearing a button-front shirt with elbow-length sleeves. The 1976 Austin City Directory lists their residence as 1100 Lilly Terrace.
[Eric Fitzpatrick Hula Hooping]
Photograph of a boy (Eric Fitzpatrick) hula hooping in Shipe Park in the local competition for the National Hula Hoop Contest. Behind him in the background are other children in their bathing suits watching him. The boy went to Nationals in Disneyland.
[Exterior David Crockett High School]
Photograph of exterior view of David Crockett High School at 5601 Manchaca Road at the corner of Stassney Lane. Crockett High opened in 1968 and is part of the Austin Independent School District.
[Exterior of 12th Air Force Headquarters]
Photograph of the exterior of the 12th Air Force headquarters. A car is parked in front of the building.
[Exterior of Lanier High School]
Photograph of exterior of Sidney Lanier High School on 1201 Payton Gin Road from Payton Gin Road. Five cars are parked in front of the school, and the flag poles are bare indicating the photograph was likely taken after school hours or on the weekend. The school name "Sidney Lanier High School" is visible on the front of the building above the white car facing the left of the image. Lanier High School was opened in 1961 and is a member of the Austin Independent School District. It was named after Confederate soldier and Southern poet Sidney Lanier.
[Exterior of log cabin at Bohl's Place]
Photograph of the exterior of the log cabin at Bohl's Place. A bare tree stands on the side of the cabin. The cabin has a lifted, covered porch at the rear.
[Female clothing hanging on a rope line in a Travis County Jail cell]
Photograph of a cell area in Travis County Jail with rope laundry line strung across the bars. The rope holds items of women's clothing, including a flowered shirt, embroidered pants, and other tops, pants and nylon underwear. On the floor below there are four pairs of boots, pairs of sandals, house shoes, and other street shoes. The cell behind the bars is stuffed with a variety of clothing items.
[Female inmate behind bars]
Photograph of a female inmate inside jail cell, sitting on bunk at Travis County Jail. She faces the interior of her dark cell. Her hair is in plastic curlers and her feet are bare. A blanket from the top bunk above her drapes low behind the bars, darkening the cell. A paperback book sits between the bars.
[Female Travis County Jail worker offering books to a female inmate]
Photograph of a female Travis County Jail librarian and female inmate. The librarian, on the left, is wearing a print shirt with pointed collar and holding three paperback books on top of a box of assorted paperbacks. The female inmate, who is on the right, reaches through the bars as she looks at the selections offered. Her hair is in plastic and foam rollers. A sewing machine and wooden shelving are visible in the background of the photograph.
[Formal portrait of Travis County Sheriff Truitt O. Lang]
Photograph of Travis County Sheriff T. O. Lang, who served from January 1, 1953 to December 31, 1972. He was the longest serving sheriff in Travis County history, and died April 28, 1977. This head-and-shoulders portrait is part of the Austin Citizen Collection. It shows Sheriff Lang dressed in a dark suit with a white shirt and a patterend tie, wearing glasses, with greying hair, and seated in front of a light neutral background. Lang also has a Masonic pin on his left lapel.
[Gardens at the French Legation]
Photograph of the French Legation in Austin Texas. The picture features the eastern side of the house and includes the front porch and the sculpted gardens.
[Governor's Mansion with fence]
Photograph of the Texas Governor's Mansion front elevation, landscaping, and ironwork fence with whitewashed brick wall reading "Governor's Mansion" with an ironwork star in the wall. The shutters are open to the bare tree branches. The mansion was built by Abner Cook in 1855 and was continuously occupied since 1856. The occupant here in 1971 was Governor Preston Smith. The mansion was declared a Texas historical landmark in 1962 and a national historic landmark in 1970.
[Groomsmen wait to catch the garter at a wedding at the San Jose Community Center in Montopolis]
Photograph of several groomsmen wearing black tuxedos and ruffled shirts wait for the garter toss at a wedding at the San Jose Community Center in Montopolis. Two men hold the stretched garter up in the air. A group of women, including two young girls wearing long dresses, look on in the background.
[Group Portrait of the 4th Tactical Reconnaissance Squad]
Group portrait of the 4th Tactical Reconnaissance Squad, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Klatt. The first two rows stand in front of a fighter plane, and the rest sit on the plane.
[Guards transporting inmates by van]
Photograph of two inmates with two administrators outside of a van. The inmates wear white prison jumpsuits. One administrator wears a suit and tie and one wears a guard uniform.
Guerrero Park
Photograph of a boy standing on a tire swing at Guerrero Park. Another child sits inside the swing, while others push and play nearby.
"Hello Dolly" 1972
Photograph of performers on the set of "Hello Dolly" at Zilker Hillside Theater. L-R: Pam Fulton as Ermengarde, Carol Lucius as Dolly, Ben Wear as Ambrose.
Hello Dolly 1972
Photograph of performers on the set of "Hello Dolly" at Zilker Hillside Theatre. Cast: Karol Phelan as Irene Molloy; Tom Spoonts as Cornelius Hackl; Beverly Robinson as Minnie Fay; Bill Sibley as Barnaby Tucker.