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IBM Employees
Unidentified women sit at desks and type on typewriters while three unidentified men speak with three of the women in an unknown room at IBM.
"CB" Smith Motors used cars
Used car lot of "CB" Smith Motors. At distance is Safeway sign and store.
[People shopping at Price's Dress Shop]
People shopping for dresses in Price's Dress Shop. There is also jewelry in display cases about the store.
[Price's Dress Shop]
The inside of Price's Dress Shop. There are many dresses and other clothing accessories along the wall. There are also jewelry display cases in the middle of the store.
[A man sitting in a hunting blind]
A man sitting inside of a hunting blind. The blind has sticks over the top of it for camouflage.
Tillman's Barber Shop
Barbers, customers, and manicurist in Tillman's Barber Shop.
Rudy "Cisco" Cisneros
Rudy "Cisco" Cisneros wearing a bow tie and a suit. He is sitting in a chair.
[St. Louis Catholic Church]
A photo of St. Louis Catholic Church. The church has a stained glass cross on the side of it.
[The Martin family in KTBC-TV studio]
The Martin family, back row from left to right, Bruce, Sharon, Victoria, Eve Marie(Mother) holding Marguerite, George Martin. Seated front row left to right, Nina, Christopher, Edward, Mary, John, Helen and Laura. There is a cameraman to the left of the photo recording them. They are in the KTBC-TV studio. George and Eve Marie hosted a television show called "Life Begins."
[Picture of a Dolomite Quarry on a piece of paper]
A picture on a piece of paper of a Dolomite rock quarry. There is a dirt road in the middle of the rocks. The caption under the picture states "Dolomite Quarry of Superior Stone Products, Inc. Old Round Rock, Texas"
Interior of the Texas Employees Insurance Association
Interior shot of the Texas Employees Insurance Association showing unidentified men and women sit behind desks with rotary phones and typewriters.
Exterior of Texas Employers Insurance Association
Exterior view of the Texas Employees Insurance Association.
South Austin Civic Club
Unidentified men and women of the South Austin Civic Club meet for an unknown event.
Meeting room with 2 men at front with Sinclair gasoline advertising slogan sign. Group of men sitting in chairs. Movie projector set up on table.
Sinclair stations
Exterior view of Sinclair station at 801 E. 1st St. Signs advertise Sinclair HC Gasoline. 3 men outside building. Cars parked.
[A man in a Sinclair uniform]
A man dressed in a Sinclair uniform. He is standing in front of many Sinclair automotive products.
[Four women standing behind an ice sculpture]
Four women standing behind a circular ice sculpture from Southland Ice. The women are all wearing dresses. There is a floral design around the ice sculpture.
[The exterior of the Andy Anderson Insurance building]
The outside of the Andy Anderson Insurance building. The large sign in front of the building says "Insurance, Real Estate, Andy Anderson - Agency." There is another sign in the front window that says "Real Estate, Rentals, Bonds, Insurance, Auto, Home."
[Employees standing on the steps of the Andy Anderson Insurance building]
A group of employees standing outside on the stairs of the Andy Anderson Insurance building. Three women wearing dresses are standing in the front row and seven men wearing suits are standing in the back row.
[An employee of the Presley Service Department]
A photo of an employee of Presley Service Department. The man is wearing a white Presley shirt with a tie. There are automobiles outside the window to the right of the photo.
[A group of people from the U.S.O. riding in a Buick Roadmaster]
A group of people from the United Service Organizations. They are riding in a Buick Roadmaster. There is a large flag behind them that says "USO", and the side of the car states "USO, Serving the Armed Forces."
Blind class reading Braille
Group of 3 women watching as young woman reads Braille. Another young woman is seated at the right side of the photograph.
Office Shot at Goad Motor Company
7 men wearing suits standing in the showroom of Goad Motor Company.
Commodore Perry Hotel / Eddie Brown
Exterior view of Commodore Perry Hotel with streets beside the building.
Johnny Ramos - Boxer
Johnny Ramos, boxer. He has his hands taped up and is in a fighting stance. He is wearing boxing shorts and shoes.
"Old Time Photos"
Copy of historic photograph of Austin Library showing 2 men seated and 2 men standing by desks and catalog drawers.
Herman Heep Ranch
View of building on Herman Heep Ranch.
Hail Damage to Residence
Exterior view of house on Herman Heep Ranch showing hail damage.
Hail Damage to Residence
Interior view of house on Herman Heep Ranch showing hail damage.
Interior and exterior of Paggi House
Interior view of house showing furnishings and decorations. Stone walls, wooden beamed ceiling with fan.
Interior and exterior of Paggi House
Exterior view of yard with yard furniture.
Interior and exterior of Paggi House
Interior view of home showing furnishings and decorations. Large windows, stone walls, wood beamed ceiling.
[Photograph of San Gabriel Flood]
Photograph of a flooded area with a house surrounded by water.
[Photograph of San Gabriel Flood]
Photograph of debris in a flooded area.
UT Track & Field shots; "multicultural"
5 men in street clothes. 1 man is holding a javelin. UT track scoreboard in background, listing opponent teams and dates of upcoming football games.
UT Track & Field shots; "multicultural"
2 men wearing track uniforms - California and U.S.A. - 1 man wearing street clothes. Night shot. The athlete on the left is Leamon King and the athlete on the right is Ira Murchison. This was taken at the NCAA championships in Austin.
UT Track & Field shots; Greg Bell
Man shaking hands with Greg Bell. Standing to the right is Bob Gutowski. This photo shows 1956 Olympic Long Jump champion Greg Bell being congratulated after his NCAA win in Austin on June 14, 1957 (where he produced the then second longest jump ever - 26'7"). To the right (standing) is Bob Gutowski, 5th in the event. Next day Gutowski broke the World record in the pole vault with 15'9 3/4." Other athletes and track stands in background.
VFW Building
Exterior view of VFW building, with IBM and International Business Machines signs on the building.
Show window - Peter Pan bra
Store front display window showing women's undergarments. Pirate theme.
Company Building
Exterior of National Biscuit Company building on South Lamar Blvd.
Fehr-Granger building
Exterior of Fehr-Granger building.
Mr. Leutwyler in front of store
Mr. Leutwyler standing in front of his jewelery store. Remodeling Sale sign in window.
Queen of the senators contest
Woman in bathing suit sitting on shore of lake.
[Man and women assisting customer at drive-up window]
Man and women assisting customer at drive-up window at bank. Austin, Texas.
Musicians in KTBC studio (TV)
3 men with instruments - guitar, bass, accordion - with KTBC TV camera at the left side of the image.
Surfboard riding
Boy on surfboard being pulled by boat in water.
Boy Scouts
African-American Boy scout leading a group of men in a pledge.
John Roberts Band
Photograph of nine members of the Mello-Tones playing instruments at a function. Several guests are sitting in the background at right.
[Two ice sculptors next to an ice sculpture]
Two sculptors next to an ice sculpture. The sculptors are two men. One of the men is kneeling down next to the sculpture, and the other is bent over and touching the sculpture. The sculpture appears to be a swan.
Dudley Miller
Man in doorway.