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Group Walking
Priests walking
Holy Cross groundbreaking
Breaking ground
Holy Cross groundbreaking
Priests talking
Bergstrom Field
Photograph of two men in uniform beside sign for the Headquarters of the 53rd Troop Carrier Wing.
[B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation building]
Photograph of the front of building from the street at 2105 San Antonio.
[Three Men Standing in Office]
Photograph of three men standing in an office and looking at a document. There is a Topographic and Road Map of Travis County on the wall behind them. The photographer wrote the name "Guiton Morgan" on the negative envelope. Morgan was the City Manager of Austin.
[Judge Harris Gardner]
Photograph of man sitting at desk.
[Judge Charles O. Betts]
Photograph of man seated at judge's seat in courtroom.
[Judge Charles O. Betts]
Photograph of man seated at desk reading a book.
[Double Exposure of Boxers Boxing]
A double exposure photograph of boxers fighting in the ring at the Golden Gloves tournament.
[Llano Parade]
Photograph of man standing on the street, wearing a law enforcement uniform including a gun in a tooled holster. He is holding a hat behind his back. Decorative flags are visible over the street and the Llano County Courthouse is in the background.
[Municipal Golf Course Clubhouse]
Photograph of the exterior of clubhouse building, viewed from across a lawn. It is a one-story brick building with Ionic columns on either side of the front entrance.
[Gordon Swepson]
Photograph of a group of people outside of the Texas State Capitol building. In the front, a man wearing a dark-colored civilian suit is standing between two men in uniform; one is reading from a paper and the other is holding something before pinning it to the man.
[Gordon Swepson]
Photograph of a group of people outside of the Texas State Capitol building. In the front, a man wearing a military uniform is pinning something to the jacket of a man wearing a civilian suit; another man in uniform is standing to his right, holding a sheet of paper.
[Helen Keller and Governor W. Lee O'Daniel]
Photograph of Governor O'Daniel and Helen Keller. There are several people clapping in the background and Polly Thompson is holding the arm of Helen Keller.
[Helen Keller Standing with Polly Thompson]
Photograph of Helen Keller (left) holding flowers and standing on stage with her assistant Polly Thompson.
Alamo Hotel
Photograph of exterior of The Alamo Hotel at 400 W. 6th Street -- 6th Street at Guadalupe.
[Kiwanians with Charter]
Photograph of two men holding charter for the Kiwanis Club.
Governor Beauford Jester on the Telephone
Photograph of two men and a woman. The men are talking on telephones. The man on the right is Governor Beauford Jester.
Southwestern Bell Telephone Company
Photograph of two men working on lines and equipment and three telephone operators at work.
[Butler's Shoe Store]
Photograph of a print of the Butler's Shoe Store in Houston.
[Central Forwarding and Freight Warehouse]
Photograph of the corner lot on the southeast corner of Colorado and 4th Streets.
[Unloading mail sacks from plane]
Photo of a Braniff DC-3, in Austin, Texas.
[Woman Standing behind Counter]
Photograph of a woman standing at a ouner. She is looking down and working. The counter has glass separators.
[Governor Beauford Jester - Mr. Lock]
Photograph of two men shaking hands for the camera.
[Capital Memorial Park]
Photograph of the entrance to the cemetery. Also known as Capital Memorial Gardens, this private cemetery was opened between 1948-1950. It was later sold to Cook-Walden and is located at IH-35 and FM 1825.
Two Young Women
Photograph of two young women in front of the piano. Both are dressed in formals.
[Capital Chevrolet]
Photograph of exterior of automobile dealership buildings at 220-224 E. 5th St.
Judge Mallory B. Blair
Portrait of a man. Mallory Blair was an associate justice with The Texas Court of Civil Appeals.
St. Edward's Football Team
Photograph of the full squad with coach and a priest in the picture.
Family Group
Photograph of children's birthday party. Photo was taken at the L.M. Nau home, 2402 Indian Trail, Austin, TX (demolished). Top row: Sue (Ruff) Armstrong, Judith Ravel, Larry Edmund Lee. Middle row: Unknown, John McPherson Pinckney, Mary Sue (Pinckney) Neptune, Roger William Pinckney, Larry Melvin Nau, holding sister, Nanette Muriel (Nau) Overbeck, unknown, unknown, unknown. Front row: Richard Hopson Pinckney, Kay (Pinckney) Braziel.
[Central Forwarding and Freight Warehouse]
Photograph of the corner lot on the southeast corner of Colorado and 4th Streets.
Texas City Explosion and Fire
Aerial view of the fire.
Mother and Father with Baby
Photograph of mother and father with baby.
[Eddie Rickenbacker at Scofield's with cattle]
Photograph of group watching cattle.
[Rickenbacker visit to Austin]
Photograph of men in suits sitting in chambers in the State Capitol building. Governor Beauford Jester second from left. Eddie Rickenbacker is to the right of Jester.
[Governor Coke Stevenson with University group]
Photograph of Governor Stevenson with four other people.
[West Sixth Street Barbecue & Market Explosion]
Photograph of the wreckage of the building at 521 W. 6th shot from the roof of another building. A large group of people gathered around the scene.
Family Groups
Larry Nau, son of Ladner Nau and Katherine (Pinckney) Nau, seated on table next to his birthday cake.
[Eddie Rickenbacker at Scofield's]
Photograph of people gathered at a large dining room table.
Hurley Mattress Company
Photograph of an exterior view of Hurley Mattress and Awning Company which was located at 1101 E. 6th Street. Owner was Carlton E. Wilkerson.
Photograph of couples dancing.
[Llano Homecoming Parade]
Photograph of Troop of riders in front of Charlie's Dime Store.
[Benoit Tourist Court]
Exterior view of Benoit Motel. In the 1947 City Directory The Benoit Courts were located at 2900 S. Congress Avenue.
Building Interior
Interior view of Hyltin Funeral Home showing mantelpiece and painting of Jesus.
[Peirce Family]
Photograph of group seven elderly people.
[Governor Coke Stevenson]
Photo of Governor Coke R. Stevenson seated at desk.
Texas City Explosion and Fire
Photo of damage on ground with fire and smoke visible in the background. Animal grazes in foreground.
[Naval Reserve Training Center]
Photograph of the front of the Naval Reserve Center at 1110 Barton Springs Rd., now the Dougherty Arts Center.
Two Young Women
Photograph of two young women dressed in formals standing in front of the fireplace.