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[Three men and a woman dressed in formal attire at an airport]

Description: Four people wearing formal wear at an airport. There are three men dressed in suits and one woman wearing a dress. A man and a woman in the group are conversing about an object that they are both holding. There is a plane in the background labeled "Braniff Internation Airways." A woman and a young boy are leaning against a railing in the background.
Date: May 14, 1961
Creator: Douglass, Neal

[The exterior of the Kress store]

Description: The exterior of the Kress store. A sign in the front window of the store says "open." There is a car parked under a light to the right of the photo. There are also flags hanging over the parking lot and on the exterior of the Kress building.
Date: April 23, 1961
Creator: Douglass, Neal