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[Interior of the Carver Branch Library]
Photograph of an Interior view of the Carver Branch Library. Tables and chairs are in the foreground.
[Canadian Street Library Branch]
Photograph of the Canadian Street Branch Library located at 2131 Robert T. Martinez Jr Street (was Canadian Street).
[Men in Recruiting Office]
Photograph of three servicemen chatting in a recruiting office. One man has a Navy Recruiting Service patch on his sleeve.
[MKT Northbound Texas Special]
Photograph of Missouri, Kansas, Texas' northbound Texas Special on Southern Pacific tracks on 3rd at Neches street, Austin, Tx, circa 1965. Next to the tracks is the Gugenheim-Goldsmith Co. fruits & produce warehouse. Several cars are parked along the street.
"Sam Houston" Mail Coach
Photograph of a stagecoach with four horses. In the background are buildings with signs for Baker & Raymond Drug and Bookstore, and A.S. Roberts.
[Planting Tree at Brentwood Elementary]
Photograph of a group of 3 women and 3 men posing next to a tree that had just been planted at Brentwood Elementary School.
[Men Working at Palm Park]
Photograph of five men in hard hats working in Palm Park.
[Gullett Elementary School]
Photograph of an exterior view of Gullett Elementary School building.
[Foundation of Gullett Elementary School]
Photograph of men working on the foundation of Gullett Elementary School during its construction.
[Achilles Grocery]
Photograph of Achilles Grocery as seen from the corner. Located at 1523 Lavaca Street. Men are standing in front on the porch, and the sign on the building reads "W.A. Achilles General Merchandise."
[Congress Avenue]
Photograph of Congress Avenue looking north. The state capital building is visible in the background.
[Elisabet Ney Museum]
Photograph of the exterior of the Elisabet Ney Museum.
[Governor's Mansion]
Photograph of the Governor's Mansion taken from "Souvenir of Austin" (1906).
State Capitol Austin, Texas
Photograph of the Texas State Capitol taken from the south.
[State Capitol Austin Texas]
Photograph of a view north at front of Capitol with cars lining the driveway. Taken from top of building on Congress Avenue.
[Austin Volunteer Fire Department]
Photograph of the Austin Volunteer Fire Department on parade down Congress Avenue.
A Topographical Map of the City of Austin
Photograph of a topographical map of the City of Austin published by P. De Cordova, Texas Land Agency. Original map drawn in May of 1872.
Plan of the City of Austin
Photograph of a map of the City of Austin. Original map drawn by L. J. Pilie in 1839.
Plan of the City of Austin
Photograph of the survey map of the City of Austin 1839. Surveyed by L. J. Pilie and Charles Schoolfield, drawn by L. J. Pilie.
[Tornado over Capitol]
Photograph of tornado above Capitol building looking northwest.
[Tornado over Courthouse]
Photograph of a tornado over the Travis County Courthouse.
[Rio Grande Campus in Winter]
Photograph of Austin High School, Rio Grande Campus, after snowfall.
[New Airport at Night]
Photograph of airplanes on the tarmac at Austin's new airport. Photograph was taken at night.
[Austin Municipal Airport]
Distant view of the municipal airport parking lot and terminal with air control tower in background.
[City of Austin Auditorium]
Photograph of the City of Austin Auditorium taken from the north side of Town Lake after a snowfall.
[View of crew working in slaughter room of the Austin Abattoir]
Photograph of a crew working on cattle carcases in a slaughterhouse. Inscribed on the back of the photo is "View of crew working in slaughter room of The Austin Abattoir. All in sight is beef."
[Old City Hall]
Photograph of the Old City Hall building.
[Austin City Administration, 1881]
Photograph of Austin city administration: Standing L to R: J.W. Howard, Treasurer; C.D. Johns, Attorney; Ben Thompson, City Marshall; E.B. Connell, City Clerk; - Sitting L to R: Fred A. Sterzing, City Assessor; Mayor L.M. Crooker; Dr. R.H.L. Bibb, Physician. The city was incorporated in 1836 when Republic of Texas Vice President Mirabeau B. Lamar proposed that the state capital, then located in Houston, be moved to the area that sat just north of the Colorado River in the township then called Waterloo. Shortly thereafter, the city was renamed in honor of Stephen F. Austin. 1881 was the year that Austin public schools first held classes, and the University of Texas opened its doors shortly afterwards in 1883. Austin continued to expand throughout the 1880s and late 19th century.
[Aerial View of Deep Eddy]
Photograph of an aerial view of Deep Eddy pool and surrounding area. The pool is dried out and the trees are bare indicating winter. There are no visible people or activity near the pool. Deep Eddy began as a natural swimming hole in the Colorado River and was expanded into a man-made swimming pool in 1915 by A.J. Eilers, Sr. Deep Eddy pool is the oldest swimming pool in Texas and is operated and maintained by the City of Austin.
Deep Eddy Bathing Beach
Photograph of panoramic view of Deep Eddy Bathing Beach.
Deep Eddy, Austin Tex
Photograph of spectators and swimmers at Deep Eddy Bathing Beach.
[Children playing at Wooldridge Park]
Photograph of children playing at Wooldridge Park. Wooldridge Park gazebo is in the center of the photograph.
[Wooldridge Park]
Photograph of the gazebo in Wooldridge Park.
[Barton Springs]
Photograph of a crowd of ladies watching two men with large pots on the steps of Barton Springs.
[Ladies at Barton Springs]
Photograph of four ladies posing for a photograph on the steps at Barton Springs.
[Two Girls at Barton Springs]
Photograph of two girls dipping their hands in the water at Barton Springs.
[Bridge over Barton Creek]
Photograph of a bridge over Barton Creek.
Pool at Zilker Park
Photograph of the pool at Zilker Park. Inscription on back of photo reads "Lily Ponds built w/relief labor 1935 Annual Report"
Bridge Across Barton Creek just above the pool
Photograph of a view of a bridge across Barton Creek just above the pool in Zilker Park. Some people sit on the edge of the bridge and one person is down below in the creek bed.
[Swimmers at Barton Springs]
Photograph of swimmers in and around Barton Springs pool.
[Swimmers at Barton Springs]
Photograph of swimmers in and around Barton Springs Pool. More young people socialize on the two banks of the pool than swim in its waters. Several swimmers are standing on the diving boards.
Barton Springs during the First World War
Photograph of men and women in bathing suits at Barton Springs during World War I.
[Barton Springs]
Photograph of Barton Springs.
[Family at Barton Springs]
Photograph of family portrait taken at Barton Springs.
[Aerial View of Zilker Park]
Photograph of an aerial view of Zilker Park looking north. Shows the area of Barton Springs with Lady Bird Lake in the background
Summer Musical at Hillside Theater
Photograph of the Summer musical, "Peter Pan", at the Hillside Theater at Zilker Park. Photograph of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys.
Summer Musical "Peter Pan"
Photograph of the Zilker Park Hillside Theater Summer musical, "Peter Pan". In the photograph Captain Hook and Peter Pan are sword fighting.
[Zilker Hillside Theatre - Peter Pan]
Photograph of two actors of the Zilker Hillside Thearte summer musical "Peter Pan" in August 1971. The two actors playing Captain Hook and Peter Pan are crossing their swords.
[Future Site of the Recreation Department Building]
Photograph of the future site of the Recreation Department Building for the City of Austin. There is a construction sign, side-step pick-up truck and bleachers in the photograph.
[View of Austin, 1871]
Photograph of Austin in 1871.