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[Aerial of Longhorn Caverns Entrance]

Description: Photograph of the entrance to Longhorn Caverns from an aerial point of view. The cavern entrance and roadways leading to it can be seen at bottom center while the surrounding natural landscape stretches out to the horizon. Various small building structures can be seen on the campus of the caver entrance.
Date: January 23, 1953
Creator: Mears, Dewey G.
Location Info:

[Inside of a Cave]

Description: Photograph of a cave at the Longhorn Caverns State Park. There is a group of people standing inside a cave with a park ranger, and one woman is sitting on the wall.
Date: December 7, 1952
Creator: Mears, Dewey G.
Location Info:

Marble Falls, Texas

Description: Photograph of the river at Marble Falls. Water flows down the shelves of sedimentary rock. A handwritten note on the back of the photograph says, "Roper Mill - at Marble Falls", probably referring to the small building in the distance, slightly to the left of the center of the photograph.
Date: [1880..1890]

Granite Mountain

Description: Photograph of two men in a hilly landscape, with a moving train in the background. A handwritten note on the back of the photograph reads, "Granite Mountain near Marble Falls, Texas 1882, A&NW [Austin and Northwest] Narrow Gauge R.R."
Date: 1882

[Railroad near Burnet]

Description: Photograph of an Austin and Northwest Railroad train moving through the countryside. Several people are visible on the rear cart of the train, looking at the camera. A handwritten note on the back of the photograph reads, "Excursion on A&NW RR narrow engine about 1882 near Burnet. W.J.L. Sullivan -- Texas Ranger in for ground with work. Slaughter Gap near Fairland and Marble Falls."
Date: 1882
Creator: Hill, S. B.

A&NW RR Depot, Marble Falls

Description: Photograph of the Austin and Northwest Railroad depot in Marble Falls. The train station consists of a small building (on the right) with a garden (in the foreground). Men and women are gathered around a train and the building, looking towards the camera.
Date: 1888

[Granite for the Capitol]

Description: Photograph of people and horses gathered around a deposit of granite. The granite is cut into progressively smaller blocks from its original mass. A handwritten note on the back of the photograph says, "Granite Mountain about 1884. This mountain of granite supplied 50,000 tons of granite for the Texas State Capitol at Austin and about 450,000 tons to Galveston for the sea wall and jetties."
Date: 1884

[Lady in a Carriage]

Description: Photograph of a lady in a carriage in front of a two-story house. The caption on the back reads "This is the buggy we had in the parade in Bonham, Texas in [blank]. [Illegible] Grace McQuigg driving. The McQuigg Wilson Mercantile Co.'s entry."
Date: unknown

[Fishermen at Marble Falls]

Description: Photograph of men, women, and children with fishing rods, standing in a=the Colorado River at Marble Falls. A small building is visible on the bank to the left. A handwritten note on the back of the photograph says, "Marble Falls, Texas -- Shoe Factory -- Roper Gristmill M Falls."
Date: unknown

[Marble Falls]

Description: Photograph of the town of Marble Falls. Two dirt roads lead into the town. Several buildings are visible in the distance, with hills covering the horizon. A handwritten note on the back of the photograph says, "Marble Falls [...] Hotel, Chalk Hotel, [...] Stone, Kingsland ? Antlers Hotel, From Project Saloon, Pare Hotel."
Date: 1880?
Creator: Hill, S. B.