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Austin Boy Scout Training Camp in Sattler, Texas

Description: Postcard for Austin Boy Scout Training Camp in Sattler, Texas. A photo collage on the front includes pictures of preparing for tent inspection, the mess line, the ole swimming hole, preparing for evening campfire, the camp signal tower, and looking down the river from camp. There is a postage stamp affixed to the back
Date: unknown

[Soldiers in Japan]

Description: Photograph of a group of soldiers standing outside a house in Japan. They are all dressed in military uniforms. There is a document attached that describes the photo further and identifies the people in the photo as Meyer Ueoka, Bob Troxel, William Wooldridge, Walter W. Buckley, Danny Sughrue, Harold Pfahl, Bob Norman, Harold Buck, Neba, Mitsugi, Jun Tanizawa, George Yoshinaga, Fats Takatsuka.
Date: 194u-11

[Lungkwitz Family Portrait]

Description: Photograph of the Lungkwitz family, who are sitting around a table outside under a tree. There is a stone building in the background. Identifications from the back of the print: Alice Lungkwitz, Guido Lungkwitz, Martha Lungkwitz, Helene Lungkwitz, Ralph Kuechler, Eva Lungkwitz, Max H. Lungkwitz, Camilla Kuechler, Richard Kuechler.
Date: 1865

[Portrait of C. M. Cureton]

Description: Photograph of C. M. Cureton, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Texas, as he was leaving the Bench at the close of the ceremonies celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the first meeting of the Supreme Court of Texas.
Date: January 13, 1940
Creator: Douglass, Elnora

[Martha Bickler After Her First Flight]

Description: Photograph of Martha Bickler after her first flight. She is getting off a plane with a man (Ralph Bickler?) standing next to her with a hat. The text on the back reads, "Taken by George Nalle on saturday morning, April 6, 1935, immediately after mama's first plane ride. Here first remark upon observing the hangar when the 'ship' returned to the airport was: "Pshaw, we are already back!" Ralph".
Date: April 6, 1935
Creator: Nalle, George

[Dinner Bell]

Description: Postcard of a dinner bell in a field. There is a field of trees in the background. The text on the back reads, "How about answering the dinner bell on Pride Ranch". There is a stamp affixed to the back of the postcard and it was mailed July 25, 1938.
Date: 1938~

[Gravestone of Elizabeth Schnerr]

Description: Photograph of a gravestone that has a sculpture of an angel leaning at the top and text taht reads, "Elizabeth Emma Schnerr Geb. Schneider Geb. Feb. 8, 1827 Gest. Oct. 26, 1903." Handwritten text on the back of the photo reads, "Angel supposedly sculpted by Elisabet Ney, Fredericksburg Cemetery".
Date: unknown
Location Info:

[A View of Fredericksburg, Texas]

Description: Photographic reproduction of a landscape drawing by Hermann Lungwitz of a man looking over a landscape, with a forest between a field of cattle and a town. Note on the back reads. "Panoramic view of the City of Friederichsburg [sic] Texas presented to Texas State Archives by Ralph Bickler. Hermann Lungkwitz, grandfather (maternal) of Ralph Bickler. This was a pencil sketch made at the request of the Dresden Museum of Germany. It was made 1853-54-55 or 1856, the date is not known for sure. The museum made a litho plate (probably stone) and sent lithograph copies back to Friederichburg."
Date: 1854~

[American Legion Rodeo Advertisement]

Description: Reproduction of a flyer advertising contests at an event hosted by Travis Post 76 of the American Legion at Lake Austin Ball Park. It has an illustration in the center of a young man riding a bucking bronco and a hat flying behind him. Events include "Broncho Busting" with a $25 prize and a goat-roping contest.
Date: unknown
Creator: American Legion. Department of Texas.

[American Legion Parade]

Description: Photograph of a group of individuals wearing various costumes, walking in an American Legion parade through a residential area. One man is in a cart pulled by a mule. There are three signs that read, "Travis Post 76 Austin, Tex.," "Travis Post American Legion," and "Looking for the New Hotel."
Date: October 30, 1922

Group at Elisabet Ney's

Description: Photograph of a group of people outside Elisabet Ney's house in Austin. A young boy on the right is holding a gun and a young lady is holding a fan. In the background two girls (Viola Bickler and Hannah von Rosenberg) stand in alcoves on the building. The back of the photo identified most of the people.
Date: 1900~
Location Info: