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[Juarez, Mexico]

Description: Photograph of a crowd near a train in Juarez, Mexico. People to the left are seen dancing to the music of a band of string instruments, pictured at center, while people in the train and lined up at the right watch.
Date: unknown

[Young People in Line]

Description: Photograph of a group of young men and women standing in line behind a table. They are standing on a stage or platform so they might be receiving diplomas or certificates. One woman stands in the foreground, looking up at the stage.
Date: October 1954

[Young People Speaking on Stage]

Description: Photograph of a young man and woman standing on a stage in front of a room of people making a speech. A sign on the wall behind them has the 4-H logo on the corners and says "To Make The Best Better." Several people are in the audience in the foreground.
Date: March 12, 1962

[4-H Members Giving Presentation]

Description: Photograph of a young woman speaking at a podium in the front of a room. Two other girls are standing to her right and two boys are taking their seats to her left, all 4-H members. A screen is visible in the background. The shoulder of an audience member is visible in the lower left corner.
Date: unknown

[Women in a Kitchen]

Description: Photograph of two women standing in a kitchen looking at the contents of a cabinet. The woman on the left is wearing a suit and the woman on the right is wearing a dress with an apron and slippers. It appears that the woman on the left is teaching the woman on the right.
Date: unknown