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[Correspondence/petition to Governor E.M. Pease]

Description: A letter/petition, signed by multiple parties, asking Governor E.M. Pease for executive clemency for Mathias Lindberg, who had been convicted of perjury. Includes typewritten transcription of the letter/petition.
Date: 1855-uu-uu
Item Type: Letter

[Ariel view of Camp Swift including Headquarters, Post Finance Office, U. S. Post Office and north cantonment area]

Description: Photograph of an aerial view of Camp Swift Headquarters, Finance Building, U. S. Post Office and a portion of the north cantonment area. The long wooden buildings are arranged parallel to each other, with the two-story Headquarters building in the center and the one-story Finance and Post Office buildings to each side. A flag pole with flag is visible in the foreground, and the cantonment area buildings are in the background.
Date: 1942/1945
Item Type: Photograph

Camp Swift -- Induction Ceremony of the Old 59th

Description: Photograph of a large military group marching in a field and saluting to the right. During WWII Camp Swift was an infantry and medical training camp. It also served as a POW camp, primarily for Germans soldiers from Rommel's Afrika Korps.
Date: July 15, 1942
Creator: Douglass, Neal
Item Type: Photograph