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Tail Spin Training

Description: Photograph of a large group of men at the Texas School of Military Aeronautics excercising in a large field. They are seated on teh ground with their arms and legs outstretched. There is one man standing behind the group next to an old car.
Date: 1918
Creator: Jensen Studio


Description: Photograph of a large group of men from Texas School of Military Aeronautics standing at attention, in formation, and all facing the same way.
Date: 1918
Creator: Jensen Studio

[Two People Walk Through a Field at Camp Mabry]

Description: Photograph of two people walking in a snowy field. Two houses are at left and another building is at right. Handwritten note on the back reads, "Showing the Country Club in the distance with the smoke coming out of the chimney. Div. Hqrs is just behind the house where I have the x. Our office is about 50 yards beyond this house. Puzzle: find the 'x'."
Date: 191u

The Colors

Description: Photograph of 4 men, 2 of which are holding flags at a military encampment. The American Flag is on the left, and the University of Texas Flag is on the right.
Date: 1928
Creator: Jensen Studio

[Austin National Bank Employess]

Description: Photograph of the employees of the Austin National Bank posing for a portrait. The men are all dressed professionally. In the top row, from left to right, is Vest E. Lander, Bookkeeper, Sully B. Roberdeau, Receiving Teller, Leon D. Williams, General Bookkeeper, Clark C. Campbell, Bookkeeper, Gerald Boerner, Mail Teller, Morris Hirschfield, Cashier, Ralph A. Bickler, Secretary, Earl E. Simms, Collector, and Miles F. Byrne, Receiving Teller. In the middle row, from left to right, is Wesley, H. Lyons, Bookkeeper, Boyd Wells, Exchange Teller, John H. Whitis, Bookkeeper, and C. M. (Jim) Bartholomew, Assistant Cashier and Paying Teller. In the front row is George W. Mabson, Porter.
Date: January 1913
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[Two Men Sit at a Desk]

Description: Photograph of Morris Hirschfield (cashier) and Ralph A. Bickler (secretary) at Austin National Bank. They are sitting in an office; one of them is wearing a suit, and one of them is wearing a button-up shirt with a bow-tie.
Date: January 1914
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[Three Children With A Goat-Cart]

Description: Photograph of three children in a cart pulled by a goat in front of a brick house. One is standing next to the cart, while the other two are sitting in the cart. Signs on the cart read "Austin" and "1924". A red paper heart has been cut out and affixed to the upper right corner of the photo.
Date: 1924

[Young People in Line]

Description: Photograph of a group of young men and women standing in line behind a table. They are standing on a stage or platform so they might be receiving diplomas or certificates. One woman stands in the foreground, looking up at the stage.
Date: October 1954