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[Correspondence to Carrie Crusemann from Charles S. Potts]

Description: A letter to Carrie Crusemann, one of E.M. and Lucadia Pease's grandchildren, from Charles S. Potts, then dean of the Southern Methodist University school of law, requesting information on the Pease family—at the time, Potts was preparing an entry on E.M. Pease for the "Dictionary of American Biography."
Date: March 31, 1931
Creator: Potts, Charles S.

[View of a House]

Description: Photograph of a wood-paneled house with laundry drying on a line on the porch. Some buckets are in front of the house and a pile of firewood is under the porch. According to a handwritten note on the back of the photo, the house belongs to Cecil Hayes. It was located at 303 Orchard Street, Austin, Texas.
Date: December 30, 1939
Creator: Bureau of Identification Photographic Laboratory